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The Ghost 101 Countdown: The Bottom H...

cantina cover photo

Today’s reveal on the countdown will show songs #60-51. Instead of just displaying those ten songs, however, it seemed like a good time to do a full on recap. So here you go, #101 all the way to #51. That completes the bottom half of the countdown. Alright, so technically it’s a little less than […]

Winners of the 2nd Annual Ghostys


Wow. What a night. The 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards have come and gone, and it has been a spectacular, almost whirlwind like experience for The Ghost. I have so many thank you’s to pass along. First off, I have to give a big thanks to Scott Beggs and Three Links for being such gracious and […]

Dining With a Ghost


See that picture above?  That’s a sammich from Uncle Uber’s.  Imagine.  You, a friend, The Ghost, 88 Killa, and delicious Uber’s sammiches.  Sound good? Tune into the Tuesday Morning Blend on KNON (starts at 7 AM CST), and donate.  You could wind up with a pair of tickets to The Ghostys, plus dinner with 88 […]

Sunday Spotify 16: 11/6/16


The Ghost has not felt well the past few days.  As a result, I will not be adding commentary on this week’s playlist.  In fact, this playlist is sort of a “comfort music” style playlist, featuring newer and older songs that just feel comfortable and good to my ears.  Not to worry, however, as The […]

Thoughts from The Ghost… Live!


So, I know a couple of you read my rant about the local music scene last week.  I thank you for that.  Most of the feedback was positive, though there were some who disagreed with my perspective.  That’s fine.  Disagreement is a natural part of the discourse of debate. It’s that debate and discussion that is […]

VW (Video Wednesday): 8/24/16

vw passat

Wednesday is almost gone, and if I post this on Thursday, if becomes VT and not VW.  Do you know of any companies with the initials VT that I could bug until I get a sponsorship.  Neither do I.  That means The Ghost must get the VW post done before midnight in order to try […]

This Is How I’m Celebrating Tur...

Cake 9

Nine years ago, I was thinking of how the local music scene was in such a low place.  Trees, Gypsy Tea Room, and Club Clearview had shut down, and Deep Ellum was a ghost town.  It was definitely a far cry from the early 2000’s, where venues (and the streets) were packed.  It made me […]

Sunday Spotify 16: 7/17/16

cassette (8)

Before I begin this week’s playlist, let me thank those who came out to yesterday’s Deep Ellum Outdoor Market.  There were a few glitches that affected the performance schedule and prevented The Ghost from speaking as much as desired.  Still, it was a great evening of music, and I am looking forward to DJing next […]

Where The Ghost Will Be This Evening:...


If you’re needing the perfect way to begin your Saturday evening, might I suggest you come out early to attend today’s Deep Ellum Outdoor Market?  Several local vendors will be on hand selling merchandise, including Deep Ellum Trading Company, Essie Photography, Pies & Thing, and The Steampunk Ballroom, just to name a few.  You can […]

The Younger Days of Bronco Simmons


Sometimes you hear a band for the first time, and it’s love at first listen for your eardrums.  It does happen, but it’s rare.  The more common occurrence is for a band to grow on you slowly with each listen.  My experience with Bronco Simmons definitely fell into the latter category.  I researched the band […]

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