Where the Ghost Will Be Tonight: 6/29/16

Photo of Kirk Thurmond by: JerSean Gollatt

This is probably a bit of a surprise to see The Ghost out and about on a Wednesday night.  This is one of the joys of my dayjob: the ability to have part of the summer off.  How will The Ghost celebrate his first weeknight show of the summer?  By taking Communion.

No, this is not a religious reference.  This is about the series of shows taking place at Club Dada.  I’ve learned a bit about these shows through Larry g(EE), the series’ resident DJ and host for the year.  He explain the basics of the Communion shows, which take places in various cities across America.  The musical curators of these events put together lineups that are diverse, though not to the point of being incoherent.  Take for example, tonight’s top two acts: Kirk Thurmond (shown above) and Mobley.  Thurmond’s sound melds together rock, soul, and funk into a joyous package.  Austin performer Mobley’s style is a unique space: too hip-hop to be R&B, yet too melodic to be considered rap.  It’s a unique blend that The Ghost believes puts Mobley in an exciting musical space.  In spite of the differing styles of these two artists, their sounds are still complementary and I could see their fan bases thoroughly enjoying and supporting both acts.

Communion has also had success in selecting artists whose careers have since exploded.  Some acts that have been featured on various lineups nationwide include Gotye, Daughter, Hozier, as well as Austin singer-songwriter Sarah Jarosz and hometown hero Leon Bridges.  Communion offers a place for those looking to stay ahead of the trends to find out new and fresh talent.  Perhaps one of the acts tonight will be an act that you’ll be able to brag about “seeing them before they became big”.  Perhaps it will be Thurmond or Mobley, or it might be out-of-towners Netherfriends or Matt Maeson.  Either way, Communion serves as a place that supports fresh and innovative talent, and that’s why The Ghost is looking forward to attending tonight’s show.

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