Ten for Your Attention This Tuesday: 6/28/16

Photo of The Crystal Furs by: Kevin Buchanan

Lots of tracks to share, little time, so I’ll jump right in with a BRAND NEW track from Signals and Alibis.  July 9th will be the CD release show for Looks Like Rain at The Grotto.  Actually, it’s a dual CD release show (Stumptone will be releasing their latest), with The Cush and Wire Nest opening.  But back to Signals and Alibis.  They were nominated for Best Pop Act in the Fort Worth Weekly awards.  The band felt the classification was wrong, and while I’m inclined to agree, I’m not certain what the appropriate musical label is for the band.  The Ghost’s first instinct is to say shoegaze, perhaps because when I first heard S&A, their sound was undeniably shoegaze.  The catch is that the band’s sound has moved far beyond that label.  Can we just label them “great music” and be done with it?  Here’s “Whistleblower” below, from “great music” band Signals and Alibis.


Up next is Bill Longhorse, the newest artist on the local State Fair Records label.  Imagine if Tom Waits grew up in Texas, and that’d be a really strong starting place for understanding his music.  While my favorite song title of his is “Fred Schneider” (can’t lie, I’m a huge B-52’s fan), his strongest song from the album Bill Longhorse and the Immaculates is “Charlie the Jockey”.

This is not the first time I’ve brought local singer-songwriter Bronwen Roberts to your attention.  She was featured in this segment this past April for her song “Lights on the Highway”.  Her blending of and jazz and folk has a sweet beauty to it, which can be heard in her latest track, “False Start”.

In case you missed it, Pentacon Six is no more.  That band didn’t really break up, but rather evolved into The Crystal Furs (shown above).   They’ve released a double sided digital single as a sneak preview of their upcoming album.  The A-side, “Tunnel Vision”, rocks a little harder than I would’ve expected from the band.  Nevertheless, it’s still a catchy little tune, though it’s more “crunchy and trippy” than “sweet and jangly” (as the band described).

Clay Pendergrass seems to always have a musical ace up his sleeve with his various projects.  This past weekend, his project dj ewi debuted “American Girl”.  And before you ask it, yes, it’s a cover of the Tom Petty classic.  In fact, dj ewi will release the album Private Petty Psychedelic Reel, paying homage to The Chemical Brothers in the title as well.  If the rest of the album turns out as well as “American Girl”, then perhaps this will be the summer of the Petty Dance Party.  Who knows?

I first discovered Jenna Clark through Charley Crockett, and it seems that Ms. Clark is starting to carve her own niche in the local music community.  Her song “Old Cliches” shows off her songwriting skills nicely, and her voice even more nicely.  The Ghost is curious to watch to see how Clark’s career develops.  This is certainly a promising start.

A name like The Joe Jacksons makes one wonder the inspiration for the name.  Was it the baseball player?  Was it Michael Jackson’s father?  Was it the singer of “Steppin’ Out” and “Look Sharp”?  The Ghost is hoping it’s the latter, but that’s really neither here nor there.  Here’s the important information to know: the band features Joe Lewis (aka Black Joe Lewis) and Mario Matteoli (ex-Weary Boys) creating rock and roll songs with lots of gusto.  “It’s a Sin” is a little funky, a little dirty in feel, and a lot of fun.  I don’t know if this is a casual side project or something that will have a life of its own, but either way The Ghost likes.  A lot.

So, are you up for a song partially sung in Ethopian?  Before you respond to hastily, take a sample of “Konjo”, the latest from Mélat.  The title translates to “beautiful” in English, which is a perfect description of the song.

So, ever heard of the Texas town of San Juan?  It’s east of McAllen, with about 33,000 residents.  I wouldn’t have heard of the town had I not discovered The Shakes, who themselves are from San Juan.  It’s good, jangly, rock and roll fun.  Here’s one of my favorites off their album Anywhere You Go titled “Radio”.

And that’s your ten tracks this Tuesday.  Remember, feel free to Talk to the Ghost and recommend something for me to bring to everyone’s attention.

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