VW (Video Wednesday) 6/9/16


While I sit around and wait for the people at Volkswagen to endorse The Ghost for the Video Weekly (or VW) feature, you can sit around and watch some cool videos.

The first video comes courtesy of DEFDISCO recording artist Kirk Thurmond and the Millennials, who appeared on Good Morning Texas yesterday.  Thurman (shown above) also announced on the show that his album would be released August 26th on the label. You can expect for the tracks on to the album to infuse elements of pop, funk, rock, and R&B throughout the album.  The truth is, all of those elements can be heard in Thurmond’s breakthrough single, appropriately enough entitled “Break Free”.  Here is the band’s performance of that song on GMT.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Single Car Sessions, you are missing out on some killer content.  For those unfamiliar with Single Car Sessions, it’s a monthly video series where local artists perform in the actual single car garage of Justin Casey (The Heckwithits, ex-Uneasy Pilgrim).  In recent months, both Emmeline and The Demigs have been featured in the series.  The most recent episode finds Death Stairs discussing their dark approach to post-punk, as well as demonstrating it through song.  I confess this is my first significant exposure to Death Stairs, and the band has won me over as a fan.  In case you’re new to the band, watch and be won over.

Finally, I bring to you a Salim Nourallah video that’s been out for awhile that I’m only now getting around to sharing.  The video for “Dead Man’s Stare” may be rather simplistic, featuring only Mr. Nourallah, his boombox, and, well other Salims helping him complete the video.  But like Nourallah himself, the video has its own unique, quirky charm.  Plus, “Dead Man’s Stare” is my absolute favorite track off his latest effort, Skeleton Closet. I can’t think of a better way to wrap up this VW. Except maybe VW giving me a VW.

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