Monday Mixteen: 7/2/18

Monday Mixteen 20180702final

You know, it’s been awhile since The Ghost put on a show.  The 11 year anniversary of the blog is coming soon, and The Ghost “might” make a concert announcement tomorrow.  To get you hyped for the announcement, I have curated a playlist featuring sixteen acts that have previously performed as part of Ghost of Blind Lemon showcases.

  1. Ducado Vega and Zenya Vi, “I Kandy”
    When The Ghost relaunched the blog, the duo of Ducado and Zenya graciously headlined the relaunch party at Double-Wide, which also featured (monkeysphere) and the band Uneasy Pilgrim. That last band serves as a perfect lead in to the next track.
  2. The Delzells, “I Don’t Know”
    After all, once Uneasy Pilgrim called it quits, Justin Casey helped form The Delzells. Also, to bring everything full circle, The Delzells will be a part of the first I.M. Unlocked showcase, hosted by Ducado Vega.  The event will be broadcast live through the I.M. Unlocked Facebook page this Sunday at 1 P.M. CST.  Thaddeus Ford will also play the event, which will be hosted by Nil Ferrin & Veronica Young, former co-hosts of KNON’s Tuesday Morning Blend.
  3. TOMKAT, “Stay”
    A few months after Tomkat won their Ghosty for Best Electronic Act, I was fortunate enough to get them to perform at The Underpass, along with Francine Thirteen (who will be featured later) and Rat Rios. The Ghost would love to be able to take credit for Tomkat’s recent success, but I can’t. Their latest album, Icarus, put them in a nextx level league that has gotten them more attention. And if anything, I still think the band should be getting more eyes on them, not only in the local music community, but across the nation. Yeah, they’re THAT good.
  4. Fishing for Comets, “Lies”
    The first ever GOBL showcase happened December 29, 2007 at Opening Bell Coffee. FFC was the headliner, Chris Holt, Rahim Quazi, Blue Petal, and the duo of Keith Killoren and Chad Stockslager rounding out the bill.
  5. Kinsley August, “Another Try”
    Speaking of OBC, Kinsley August performed at the last Acoustiganza I held there. A few months later, The Ghost also hosted an event featuring Kinsley, Silas Nello, and Glass Canons at Plano Arts Centre Theater. Odd venue for a show? Yeah. Good show? Absolutely!
  6. Emmeline, “If You Can’t Love Me”
    I’m not even going to try to count the number of GOBL sponsored events that Emmeline has been part of. It’s worth mentioning that in 2015, Emmeline actually did booking for me. She helped curate a killer lineup at Opening Bell, featuring Brian Lambert, The Potters, and Ellen Once Again, just to name a few.
  7. Somebody’s Darling, “Wedding Clothes”
    For the first year anniversary of the blog, I managed to get a killer lineup at Club Dada. SD headlined the bill, and it also featured Kristina Morland, Amercian Werewolf Academy, The Cut*off, Rahim Quazi, Rose County Fair, and THe BAcksliders. Shortly after THe BAcksliders’ set, their drummer started telling me about a new project he was starting up. More on that later…
  8. Rahim Quazi, “Ghost Hunting”
    The one year anniversary of the blog was not the only showcase Mr. Quazi was a part of. I’d wager that he and Emmeline run neck and neck for the act I’ve booked the most.  While there are too many events to list, I do want to mention one show in particular. Rahim performed at Lakewood Bar & Grill July 1, 2009, along with Clay Pendergrass and Taylor Davis. I’m not sure if that was the first time he debuted the song “Ghost Hunting”, or merely the first time I heard it. Either way, it’s a memory that sticks out for me.
  9. Macon Greyson, “Black Light”
    Macon Greyson also performed one of my Lakewood Bar & Grill shows, along with The Monco Poncho and Douglas Woodlane. Nick Durham of The Monco Poncho designed a poster for that show that is my absolute favorite poster of any GOBL show. Perhaps I should share that image on my Instagram page as a Throwback Thursday image.
  10. Goodnight Ned, “We Bloom”
    At the time that Goodnight Ned headlined a show of mine at Club Dada in early 2011, they were just beginning to gain popularity. I’m not going to officially say on the record that The Ghost knows how to pick a band before they hit it big. It is, however, one of those things that make you go hmmm…
  11. The O’s, “California”
    So, that band that Taylor Young mentioned he was starting at my one year anniversary show? That would be The O’s, who ended up performing at the two year anniversary party for the blog. It was originally to take place at Club Dada, but the venue shut down before the event was to take place. Fortunately, Joshua Florence helped me out by allowing me to host that show at City Tavern.
  12. Dead Beat Poetry, “It’s All Been Done Before”
    When The Ghost took over booking at The Crown and Harp in late 2011/early 2012, Dead Beat Poetry were an act that I booked on a very regular basis there. They remain, in my estimation, one of the most underrated acts in the area.
  13. Hawk vs. Dove, “Number 13”
    Hawk vs. Dove has performed as part of two GOBL showcases. The first was in August 2012, for the five year anniversary of the blog that took place at Curtain Club at Liquid Lounge. The second was in 2016, when they performed at The Underpass in 2016, along with Nervous Curtains and International Bitterness Unit. On a separate note, it’s nice to add a track from Divided States to the Monday Mixteen, since the band finally put it on Spotify. And it’s only appropriate to have “Number Thirteen” at number 13 on the playlist.
  14. Francine Thirteen, “Psalm of Lily”
    Normally, I’d put Francine Thirteen at position 13 in the playlist, but we had one too many thirteens in this list. Francine Thirteen also performed at The Underpass, in the previously mentioned show featuring Tomkat.
  15. The Cover Letter, “Lies”
    Even though The Ghost now accepts acts from all around Texas, The Cover Letter is so far the only non-local band to performed as part of a GOBL showcase. They helped The Ghost celebrate his birthday back in 2016 at Double-Wide. The bill featured not only The Cover Letter, but The Birds of Night, Cut Throat Finches, and The Heavy Hands.  By the way, does anyone know whatever became of Heavy Hands?
  16. Rhett Miller, “My Own Worst Critic”
    No, no, no, The Ghost has never had the honor of booking Rhett Miller or Old 97’s. What I did manage, however, is to get John Dufilho to bring his John Singer Sergeant project to Club Dada in 2013 for The Ghost’s birthday. Mr. Dufilho brought his John Singer Sergeant project along to play, with Home by Hovercraft, The Family Piano (a short lived project headed up by Trey Johnson), and Robbie Saunders rounded out that bill.

While I’m not going to tell you anything more about my showcase announcement, I will give you a hint. I chose to wrap up that Monday Mixteen with John Singer Sergeant because Mr. Dufilho will be performing again for The Ghost. That’s all I’m gonna say for now.

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