VW (Video Wednesday): 9/26/18

vw 2 for 1

It’s been awhile, so let’s take this VW for a drive and make sure this baby still runs.  Next week, I’ll be featuring the Ghosty nominated videos for Video Wednesday.  Today, however, The Ghost has three (relatively) new videos for your viewing pleasure.

The first video is one that many suggested should be nominated for a Ghosty for best Music Video.  Yes, Cody Lynn Boyd’s new video for “I’m Gonna Give You Anything” is really groovy.  There’s a twisted sense of whimsy in this video, particularly the scene where Mr. Boyd get a haircut by a skeleton.  Yes, this video is probably worthy of a Ghosty nomination.  The problem is that the video was released slightly too late for consideration this year.  Hey, there’s always next year.

Speaking of Ghosty Awards, Jackie Venson is up for Best Texas Solo Artist. She has a brand new video on her Patreon page for “Back to Earth, but only her patrons get access to that video. Instead, here’s her second newest video for “Keep On”. The vibe of this video is rather low key, yet charming, matching perfectly the tone of this song. This is not a plot centered video, but rather a journey through her song set to visuals od Big Bend in West Texas.

Finally, I present you to an up and coming Dallas talent named Tippy Balady. In fact, it’s really her video for “Begin Again” that compelled me to do a Video Wednesday. There’s definitely thematic similarities between this video and Ansley’s “Lucky Smoke.” Both are centered around a character whose bad luck continues throughout most of the video, only to have their luck turn around at the end of the video. But the aged film look of “Begin Again” really ups the charm several levels. Ms. Balady’s facial expressions are fabulous even if a bit over-the-top. Oh, and the young Booker ZT. Washington student has a set of pipes on her. She’ll likely sing this song Friday night when she performs at Brenda Studios in the Deep Ellum neighborhood. I trust that day will go smoother for her than the day in this video.

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