2018 Ghosty Award Winners

Ghosty Live 2018
From left to right: Jo Indigo (Chilldren of Indigo), Ryan Sneed (COI), Leah Lane (Rosegarden Funeral Party), Dylan Stamas (RGF). Photo by: Jessica Waffles

In case you missed it, last night The 4th Annual Ghosty Awards were held at Tradewinds Social Club. Before I announce all the winners, let me say a few words of thanks. It only seems appropriate, especially since today is Thanksgiving.

First off, I give a huge thank you to Kim Keebler. Not only did she take over all the organizing of the event details, she also ran the Foundation 45 table (all door funds went to Foundation 45, an organization dear to my heart). I also thank Justin DiBernardo and everyone at Tradewinds for letting me host the event there. I’m thinking it would make a really nice new home for The Ghostys, don’t you think? Moving on, let me thank all the great performers from last night: Droo’s Peace Crush, Ron Bultongez, Dead Beat Poetry, and Ducado Vega doing his DJ thing. Although not a performer last night (unless you count her acapella version of “Empire”), Emmeline assembled a great open mic that night. And to all the people who attended and shared their love of local music, it means more to this Ghost than you know.

Okay, enough sentimentally. Here’s what you want: the winners. Just a reminder that in each category, there’s a Reader’s Ghosty (who y’all voted on) and a Ghost’s Ghosty (my pic).

Best Live Act
Reader’s Ghosty: Chilldren of Indigo
Ghost’s Ghosty: Rosegarden Funeral Party
(members of both bands pictured above)

Best Group Act
Reader’s Ghosty: Chilldren of Indigo
Ghost’s Ghosty: Chilldren of Indigo

Best Solo Act
Reader’s Ghosty: Remy Reilly
Ghost’s Ghosty: Ansley

Best Under 21 Act
Reader’s Ghosty: Remy Reilly
Ghost’s Ghosty: Remy Reilly

Best New Act
Reader’s Ghosty: Electrik Ants
Ghost’s Ghosty: Remy Reilly

Best Beyond the Metroplex Artist
Reader’s Ghosty: Leon Bridges
Ghost’s Ghosty: Bobby Sessions

Best Questionably Local Act
Reader’s Ghosty: Charley Crockett
Ghost’s Ghosty: M’Lynn

Best Male Vocalist
Reader’s Ghosty: Andy Pickett
Ghost’s Ghosty: Mitchell Ferguson

Best Female Vocalist
Reader’s Ghosty: Ansley
Ghost’s Ghosty: Leah Lane (Rosegarden Funeral Party)

Best Guitarist
Reader’s Ghosty: Tyler Vela (Dead Vinyl)
Ghost’s Ghosty: Lulio Guvera (Dead Beat Poetry)

Best Bassist
Reader’s Ghosty: Evan Winston Johnson (Dead Flowers)
Ghost’s Ghosty: Wil Farrier (Rosegarden Funeral Party)

Best Pianist/Keyboardist
Reader’s Ghosty: Emmeline
Ghost’s Ghosty: Rebekah Elizabeth

Best Drummer
Reader’s Ghosty: Tito Indigo (Chilldren of Indigo)
Ghost’s Ghosty: Brandon Keebler (Dead Beat Poetry)

Best Songwriter
Reader’s Ghosty: Sean Russell (Cut Throat Finches)
Ghost’s Ghosty: Stephanie Buchanan (The Crystal Furs, Tilly and the Flowers)

Musical MVP
Reader’s Ghosty: Droo D’Anna
Ghost’s Ghosty (aka the Carter Albrecht Musical MVP Award): Cameron Smith

Best Album
Reader’s Ghosty: Chilldren of Indigo, Keepers of the Fire
Ghost’s Ghosty: Chilldren of Indigo, Keepers of the Fire

Best EP
Reader’s Ghosty: Remy Reilly, Remy Reilly
Ghost’s Ghosty: Shadow of Jets, Going up to Space

Best Digital Single
Reader’s Ghosty: Kirk Thurmond and the Millennials, “Hangman”
Ghost’s Ghosty: Mitchell Ferguson, “Cry”

Best Song
Reader’s Ghosty: TOMKAT, “Teardrops”
Ghost’s Ghosty: Ansley, “How to Be Alone”

Best Music Video
Reader’s Ghosty: Cure for Patanoia, “Wired” (directed by Jeff Adair)
Ghost’s Ghosty: The Hendersons, “Proctor and Briggs Co.” (directed by Rebekah Elizabeth)

Best Country Act
Reader’s Ghosty: Joe Savage
Ghost’s Ghosty: Joe Savage

Best Electronic Act
Reader’s Ghosty: Hello Shannon
Ghost’s Ghosty: Hello Shannon

Best Folk/Acoustic Act
Reader’s Ghosty: Simone Nicole
Ghost’s Ghosty: David Joshua

Best Hip-Hop/Rap Act
Reader’s Ghosty: Cure for Paranoia
Ghost’s Ghosty: Cure for Paranoia

Best Pop Act
Reader’s Ghosty: Northern National
Ghost’s Ghosty: Tilly and the Flowers

Best Psych Rock Act
Reader’s Ghosty: Acid Carousel
Ghost’s Ghosty: Sunbuzzed

Best Punk Act
Reader’s Ghosty: Sealion
Ghost’s Ghosty: The Delzells

Best R&B/Funk Act
Reader’s Ghosty: Kirk Thurmond and the Millennials
Ghost’s Ghosty: Maya Piata

Best Rock Act
Reader’s Ghosty: Big Red Ants
Ghost’s Ghosty: Mean Motor Scooter

Best Texas Band
Reader’s Ghosty: The Belle Sounds
Ghost’s Ghosty: Giant Kitty

Best Texas Solo Artist
Reader’s Ghosty: Matthew Logan Vasquez
Ghost’s Ghosty: Jackie Venson

Best Texas Album
Reader’s Ghosty: The Belle Sounds, Like a Villain
Ghost’s Ghosty: The Belle Sounds, Like a Villain

Best Texas EP
Reader’s Ghosty: Matthew Logan Vasquez, Texas Murder Ballads
Ghost’s Ghosty: Onetwothreescream, Lit

Best Texas Song
Reader’s Ghosty: The Belle Sounds, “Like a Villain”
Ghost’s Ghosty: The Belle Sounds, “Like a Villain”

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