The Ghost’s Top 101 Songs of 2018

The Ghost's Top 101 of 2018

The Spotify playlist here only features 99 of the tracks.  Thanks a lot, Starside R&D and Emmeline for being the rebels that had to not place your songs on Spotify.  Well, here are the 99 artists that have their music on Spotify.  If you feel so compelled, I provided players for both of the artists below each of their song.  And here is the complete countdown:

  1. Pleasure Crisis, “Deadline”
  2. Autumn Barr, “Can You Feel Me?”
  3. Cadillac Muzik, “Lac Gospel”
  4. Bad James, “Amano Tomato”
  5. Creamer, “Record Machine”
  6. Washed Up Rookie, “No Celebration”
  7. The Fibs, “Cut Hands”
  8. Acid Carousel, “Killer on the Moonbeam”
  9. Nicholas Altobelli, “Why Can’t You Love Me Like You Used To?”
  10. Frenchie’s Blues Destroyers, “Beautiful Mess”
  11. Riders Against the Storm (feat. Flavor Raid), “Same (Once in a Lifetime Remix)”
  12. Kinsley August, “Another Try”
  13. Brian Lambert, “Not Built to Break”
  14. Hey Cowboy!, “Gabby’s Noodles”
  15. Brave Little Howl, “Stories by the Campfire”
  16. Hello Shannon, “Wander”
  17. Thieves of Sunrise, “Mamma Needs Her Shuga”
  18. Cure for Paranoia (feat. Blue, the Misfit.), “No Refills”
  19. The Bralettes, “Eddie”
  20. Ting Tang Tina, “Yellow and Blue”
  21. Jackie Daytona, “She’s So Hot”
  22. Jacob Furr, “Life Comes at You Fast”
  23. BJ Stricker & The Kings, “Crash (Live)”
  24. Francine Thirteen, “Psalm of Lily”
  25. Andrew Delaney, “Light & Shadow”
  26. KellyMarie (feat. Paul Demer), “Darling, Don’t”
  27. Jessie Frye (feat. Timecop1983), “Faded Memory”
  28. Frankie Leonie, “Johnny Cash”
  29. Quiet Company, “Red Right Hand”
  30. Goodnight Ned, “Alive and Well”
  31. Bryce Bangs, “Taking a Ride”
  32. Starside R&D, “Blurry Eyes”
  33. Devi, “It’s Devi, Bitch”
  34. Shmu, “Lead Me to the Glow”
  35. Little Father, “Violence”
  36. Dead Flowers, “We Aren’t Satisfied”
  37. The Cover Letter, “Lies”
  38. Rakim Al-Jabbaar, “The Antidote”
  39. Northern National, “Slow Down”
  40. Electrik Ants, “Circuit Tree”
  41. Sleepspent, “Something”
  42. David Joshua, “Come Closer”
  43. Mañana Cowboy, “Arkansas”
  44. M’Lynn, “Gave All My Love Away”
  45. Sub Lights, “No Alarm”
  46. Becky Middleton, “Tell Me”
  47. Secrecies, “Hole in My Heart”
  48. Sub-Sahara, “Siberia”
  49. Upsetting, “Spring Break”
  50. Christine Hand, “You’re Not Alone”
  51. Joe Savage, “Not Tired”
  52. Mountain Natives, “Two Side of the Same Coin”
  53. Alex, “T.G.F.Y.”
  54. Ron Bultongez, “Learning to Love”
  55. Nobody’s Girl, “What’ll I Do”
  56. Ducado Vega and Zenya Vi, “Somethin’ Kinda Beautiful”
  57. Taylor Young, “Shine on Me”
  58. Medicine Man Revival, “Voodoo Queen”
  59. BBQT, “Golden Twenty”
  60. Reagan James, “Roomate”
  61. Kaela Sinclair, “I Cry Too”
  62. Salim Nourallah, “Is This Where the Trouble Begins?”
  63. Reddening West, “June”
  64. Loafers, “Formaldehyde”
  65. Jaimee Harris, “Depressive State”
  66. Charley Crockett, “Good Time Charley’s Got the Blues”
  67. Xuan, “I Wanna Know You”
  68. The Delzells, “Repopulate”
  69. Daniel Markham, “Velvet Elvis”
  70. Cut Throat Finches, “New Age”
  71. Maya Piata, “Same Way”
  72. Onetwothreescream, “Fault Lines”
  73. Cody Lynn Boyd, “I’m Gonna Give You Anything”
  74. War Party, “No Exit”
  75. Rhett Miller, “Total Disaster”
  76. Claire Morales, “Sibylle”
  77. Joshua Ray Walker, “Working Girl”
  78. Danielle Grubb, “Trees (I Don’t Want You)”
  79. Mind Spiders, “Ice Bear”
  80. Katrina Cain, “Empty Room”
  81. Big Red Ants, “Spoonful”
  82. Droo’s Peace Crush, “Vinyl”
  83. Tilly and the Flowers, “Scars”
  84. Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, “What Makes You Happy”
  85. Leon Bridges, “Bad Bad News”
  86. Vanessa Peters, “Carnival Barker”
  87. Dead Beat Poetry, “It’s All Been Done Before”
  88. Remy Reilly, “26”
  89. Paper Saints, “Heady Storm”
  90. Caved Mountains, “Even in the Morning”
  91. Chilldren of Indigo, “In the City”
  92. Kirk Thurmond, “Hangman”
  93. Emmeline, “Stop the World”
  94. Sealion, “Break My Bones”
  95. MOTORCADE, “Deliver”
  96. The Belle Sounds, “Like a Villain”
  97. Rosegarden Funeral Party, “Seeing You Here and Now”
  98. Mitchell Ferguson, “Cry”
  99. Ansley, “How to Be Alone”
  100. Trauma Ray, “Starve”
  101. Bobby Sessions, “Like Me”

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