Monday Mixteen: 3/11/19

Monday Mixteen 20190311

A funny thing happened on the way to making last week’s Monday Mixteen. WordPress would not allow me to log in to update. Even once that issue was resolved, several previously published articles disappeared. Bah humbug.

The plan was to make last week’s Monday Mixteen a tribute to Three Links’ anniversary weekend, and to promote the anniversary shows. Well, said anniversary shows have come and gone, but I would be remiss if I still didn’t tip my hat to Three Links. No other venue puts on as consistently of good shows as Scott Beggs and the Three Links crew. This playlist spotlights both some of the best shows that I’ve seen there, in addition to some upcoming concerts worth noting in your calendar.

  • Royal Sons, “Shufflin’ Shoes”
  • Son of Stan, “Diamond Cut”
    These two acts were part of last weekend’s anniversary shenanigans, with Royal Sons joining the lineup with The Roomsounds and Mothership on Friday, and Son of Stan holding his Diamond Cuts EP release with assistance from Sub-Sahara, Sealion, and A Giant Dog.
  • The Bralettes, “Hagsville”
    My first show of The Bralettes was this past fall at Three Links. Their hook laden indie punk vibe makes them perfect ear candy.
  • Jessie Frye, “Fantasy”
    Ms. Frye’s been surfing the retro wave as of late, and her newest single is certainly her strongest one to date in that genre. No word whether her Three Links show on March 22nd featuring NiTE and The Wild Frontiers will be all synth heavy tracks or if she’ll feature classic rocking numbers like “Big Bad Wolf.”
  • From Parts Unknown, “Ashtrays”
    What is the appropriate way to describe From Parts Unknown? Are they rock? Punk? Cowpunk? Redneck Thrash? Post psychobilly wave? Whatever you wanna call it, it’s good. And it’s even better when experienced live. They’ll be at Three Links Saturday night April 6th, along with North by North, Ten Can Riot, and Expression Clandestina.
  • Atlantis Aquarius, “Deja Vudoo”
    The Ghost has been anxiously awaiting the new album by Atlantis Aquarius, and the wait will soon be over. The band will hold their album release show at Three Links, with Bryce Bangs and PRIZM serving as the openers. Save the date of 4/20; high times will be had by all. I meant high as in good, folks. C’mon now…
    (Correction: the show is Saturday, April 13th and not 20th. Hey, it happens.)
  • Lorelei K, “I Watched You”
    Lorelei K does not play in Dallas near often enough, and that’s a shame. Even as a solo performer, there are few forces as captivating on stage as her. She’ll play alongside Rosegarden Funeral Party, Sub-Sahara, and Violator at Three Links Thursday, May 16th.
  • Bobby Sessions, “Like Me”
    There are certain performances that will stay in your mind forever. Bobby Sessions’ performances on the Three Links stage during the 2017 Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase was such a show for me. It would not be hyperbole for me to say that his performance was a spiritual experience for me, featuring moments of both political anger, and more importantly, feelings of movement towards hope.
  • Dead Flowers, “I Might (for Leggz)”
    Dead Flowers are one of the most consistent bands in the metroplex, and their sets at Three Links are always a blast. Expect their set on Saturday, March 30th to be no different.
  • Xuan, “Not the Man”
    Xuan is a performer whose charismatic stage presence always brings a smile to the audience’s faces. Her set at Three Links during last year’s DOMA showcase displayed all of her trademark quirky appeal.
  • Loafers, “Formaldehyde”
    Few bands deliver a performance with as much intensity and fury as do Loafers. Their set during last year’s Camelversary cemented in my mind their place as one of the best live shows around.
  • Andrew Delaney, “Amelia Earhart”
    Don’t hold me to this, but I believe that the only time that Mr. Delaney performed “Amelia Earhart” live with a full band was at the 3rd Annual Ghosty Awards at Three Links.
  • (monkeysphere), “Come Back to the Show”
    I’ve been thinking back, and I can’t recall ever seeing (monkeysphere) play at Three Links. That seems odd, especially since Three Links is lead singer Jenn “Zooki” Sturges’ favorite venue. I’ve even seen her perform with The Black Habits on their stage, and her new ska band, Garbage Fighters, will perform at Three Links’ Ska by Skawest. Heck, the video for “Come Back to the Show” was shot at Three Links. And somehow The Ghost never went to a (monkeysphere) show at Three Links. This can only mean one thing: (monkeysphere) needs to do a reunion show at Three Links so I can see the band play the venue.
  • Funky Knuckles, “Globule”
    I’m not sure, but I think The Funky Knuckles might have played Three Links on at least once occasion, right?
  • Baboon, “Sucker”
    One of my favorite Three Links memories was when Baboon held a reunion show there, and he started pointing the mic towards the audience during “Sucker”. I even got to shout out a few “I get up”‘s during the song. I mean, how cool is that?
  • Clifffs, “I’m Your Ghost”
    One more favorite memory: John Dufilho dedicating this song to yours truly. And really, am I not your Ghost?
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