Monday Mixteen: 3/18/19

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Another Monday Mixteen, another week The Ghost is behind the curve.  International Women’s Day was ten days ago, and I’m just now doing an all female playlist.  Perhaps the better way to spin this is that I’m celebrating the Girls Club show at Granada Theater this Saturday, featuring Remy Reilly, Frankie Leonie, Maya Piata, and LEV.  Yes, I prefer that alternate explanation.  So here you go, a playlist filled with sixteen of the strongest female talents in the metroplex area.

  1. Remy Reilly, “Rattlesnake”
    Since this playlist spotlights the previously mentioned Girls Club showcase, what better way to kick off this playlist than with the show’s headliner?
  2. Devi, “It’s Devi Bitch”
    It’s been barely five months since Devi blasted onto the scene with this debut track.  The title might make one think that she’s a Top 40 wannabe, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Devi is injecting a much needed dose of musical innovation in the world of pop dance tunes, and our music scene is better for it.
  3. Peyton Stilling, “Forest Through the Trees”
    It seems that there’s a strong wave of young, powerful singer-songwriters coming out as of late.  Ms. Stilling fuses together hints of pop and R&B with a strong lyrical sense usually reserved for the singer-songwriter world.
  4. Ansley, “Lucky Smoke”
    How many women are equally strong at both rocking out (refer to Panic Volcanic) and writing beautiful indie pop melodies?  Well, there’s Ansley, and there’s… um…
  5. LEV, “Magnetic”
    Exhibit #2 from the Girl’s Club showcase.  Her Glass Ceiling album come out at a time where there was an abundance of releases, and I was at a shortage of time and energy for covering local music.  So I’m just now getting to really appreciate how good the album is.
  6. Jenna Clark, “No Place to Go”
    Just saw Ms. Clark this past Saturday, and the girl can SANG!  I could’ve chosen any track from her self-titled album, and it would be a winner.  But only one track mentions drinking whiskey in Deep Ellum.  And that’s an image that makes this Ghost happy.
  7. Brigitte Mena, “Refrain”
    I wish I could share Ms. Mena’s latest single, “Histrionics”, with y’all right now.  It’s her best work to date.  You’ll be able to hear the song Friday night at Spinster Records, as she performs with Xuan and Lo.  In the meantime, enjoy this nice track from Maslow.
  8. Frankie Leonie, “Taking All the Good out of Bye”
    Here’s yet another artist playing Girls’ Club.  While her track “Johnny Cash” borders on sounding like a lost Fleetwood Mac track with her playing the Stevie Nicks role, this track is a classic country heartbreaker.
  9. Alsace Carcione, “Flight (Queen)”
    Is there a stronger female MC in Dallas than Ms. Carcione?  I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I’ve yet to hear her if she exists.  The flow on this track isn’t good for a female; it’s just good.  Period.
  10. Jessie Frye, “Fantasy”
    Dallas folks, take note: Ms. Frye will perform Friday at Three Links alongside NiTE and The Wild Frontiers.  Her musical styles may change regularly, but the one thing I can’t imagine changing is her track record of putting on a killer show.
  11. Rat Rios, “Sliver of My Beauty”
    In what might be the oddest show of the weekend, Rat Rios will play a Bearded Lady and Free Man’s Freak Show.  Interesting…
  12. Lorelei K, “I Watched U”
    The latest single from Lorelei K is gorgeous, ambitious, painstakingly beautiful, and more adjectives that still don’t do the track justice.
  13. Erykah Badu, “On & On”
    Because it just wouldn’t be right to have a playlist focusing on Dallas’ strongest female acts without featuring the Queen of Dallas Soul on here.
  14. Maya Piata, “Garden”
    Here’s the fourth of the ladies playing Girls’ Club.  Her EP release show for Vernal was one of the most joy inducing shows of 2018, so here’s hoping she can replicate some of that magic on the big Granada stage.
  15. Tippy Balady, “Merry Go Round”
    Not gonna lie; I was disappointed that Ms. Balady didn’t get more screen time on Sunday’s episode of American Idol.  Whatever happens in the course of the singing competition, it’s worth noting that “Merry Go Round” is the type of song whose impact is not measured by TV ratings, but in lives impacted.  This is a song with a wisdom far beyond Ms. Balady’s mere seventeen years on this planet.  As far as I’m concerned, even if Tippy’s output was only this one song, it would make her a bigger winner than any reality competition.  Still, she has other (great) songs, and I’m rooting for her 110%.
  16. Emmeline, “Something More”
    It’s time to Rise.  Specifically, it’s time to listen to Rise on Spotify, iTunes, and all the usual music services.  I’ve waited for a long time to share her tracks on my playlists, so expect so see plenty of Emmeline on here in the coming weeks and months.

Also, I’m giving you a heads up that next week’s playlist will be exploring the events and circumstances that led local musicians to write some of their songs.  So if you wanna share these stories, Talk to the Ghost.

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