Monday Mixteen: 4/22/19


This coming Saturday evening has plenty of shows worth seeing. The Bralettes and Acid Carousel will perform at The Foundry. Crooked Bones is headlining a cool show at Division Brewing that also features Posival. If you’re looking to hang in Deep Ellum, you can catch Maya Piata at Harlowe, or head over to Adair’s to watch Justin Tipton. Austinite David Ramirez will be playing a super intimate show at Opening Bell Coffee. And that’s not even taking Fortress Festival into consideration.

So, which of these Saturday evening shows will The Ghost be attending? Actually, none of the above. You see, The Ghost’s day job will have him chaperoning a prom. That’s right, The Ghost will be making sure that no one spikes the punch bowl, all while listening to the latest hip-hop hits. Now, don’t get me wrong; Lil’ Pump is a true poet, with classic lines like “Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang.” Still, The Ghost craves to hear a far more local mix of tunes than will likely be heard at this prom. But what if The Ghost were to DJ his own prom? Well, it might sound a little like today’s Monday Mixteen.

  1. Hello Shannon, “Wander”
    This song’s maybe not as uptempo as some of the later tracks, but it seems like a nice way to kick off my prom as everyone slowly wanders in. Get it? Wander? Oh, this is gonna be a long prom night for The Ghost, isn’t it?
  2. Secrecies, “Hole in My Heart”
    Alright, I’m picking up the pace a bit with this track. It also serves as a reminder to pass on to you that Secrecies will be holding their album release show July 12th at Three Links, with main support from NiTE.
  3. Sub-Sahara, “Pacemaker (9626)”
    The Ghost was into a lot of new-wave type stuff back in high school, so Sub-Sahara is a natural fit for my prom. The only challenge will be making sure that no mosh pits happen prom night.
  4. Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, “What Makes You Happy”
    The Ghost may have listened to Edie Brickell a bit back in high school. Not that I’m old enough to have been in high school when Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars came out. No, not me. Unlike early New Bo’s stuff, “What Makes You Happy” has a strong disco beat, and could surely get some feet on the floor.
  5. Ishi, “Bring the Thunder (Rome in Thunder Remix)”
    What local music prom would be complete without some Ishi? Here’s a new remix. Because, you know, the kids like those remixes.
  6. The Holophonics, “Hotline Bling”
    Ska kids, fear not, The Ghost has you covered with this ridiculously fun Drake cover. Just don’t skank too hard out there, okay?
  7. Midnight County, “Southbound”
    Midnight County seems to be no more, as lead vocalist Justin Russell has started a new band under his own name. Still, this track seems like a perfect two-stepping kind of tune.
  8. Jessie Frye, “Fantasy”
    Here’s more retro wave vibes here, with this slow, sensual number by Ms. Frye.
  9. Oscar DeLaughter, “Grand Prize”
    Tim DeLaughter’s son seems to be getting a number of Bruno Mars comparisons. That’s okay, because Bruno’s quite the crowd pleaser on the dance floor. “Grand Prize” definitely is a winning dance tune in its own right.
  10. Alsace Carcione, “Flight (Queen)”
    The kids love their hip-hop, and this is a rare track in the genre that lacks the explicit warning. Win-win.
  11. Prizm, “You Know That You Love Me”
    Keepin’ the party moving with this banger here. Are the kids still using the phrase banger?
  12. Leon Bridges, “Beyond”
    Slowing it down here with a lovely slow dance number from Mr. Bridges.
  13. Pleasure Crisis, “Reasons”
    …And it’s back to more of that new wave vibe.
  14. Rosegarden Funeral Party, “Once in a While”
    Are you getting tired of the new wave sounds? If you are, too bad, because this new RFP track is too much fun not to play at my prom.
  15. Mariachi Entertainment System, “Take on Me”
    And now we take some new wave and give it some Latin flavor. Props to their lead singer, who manages to hit “that” note. You know the one.
  16. Medasin, “Slinky Man”
    Some of these students that The Ghost works with have some talent. In fact, Medasin was a former student at my school. True story. Like The Who said, the kids are alright.
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