Where The Ghost Will Be Tonight: 6/27/19


Since The Ghost resides in North Dallas, it usually takes a bit of a drive to get to most musical destinations.  Truth is, there are not many venues that book consistenly solid shows that are north of 635.  Certainly one of the stronger of those venues is Six Springs Tavern in Richardson.  Six Springs has hosted such GOBL favorites as Vandoliers, The Roomsounds, and Droo’s Peace Crush, just to name a few.  In spite of their strong shows and close proximity to my place of residence, The Ghost has yet to visit Six Springs Tavern.  That changes tonight.

Tonight, singer-songwriters Anna Larson and Claudia Gibson will take the stage at Six Springs.  Those who listen to the Monday Mixteen have likely noticed her presence on more than a few playlists.  The Ghost’s favorite song is “Where Were You”, the opening track from her current album Shifting Sand. It’s a heartfelt track that is reminiscent of Natalie Merchant’s strongest performances.  Not only is Anna’s voice technically strong, but the emotion she puts into her delivery makes the musical delivery stronger than the sum of the lyrics (which are already noteworthy).

Dallas residents have two opportunities to catch Ms. Larson.  The first is tonight at Six Springs, and tomorrow night at Opening Bell Coffee.  I would encourage my readers to attend at least one of the shows.  While “Where Were You” is her album’s strongest track, Shifting Sand is the type of album where there is no need for a skip button.  In this day and age where singles are king, it’s a refreshing change of pace to find such an impressive collection of tunes.

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