Monday Mixteen: 7/29/19

Monday Mixteen 20190729

This Thursday will mark the twelve year anniversary of the blog, and with that anniversary comes twelve years of the second identity I took on: The Ghost. I certainly chose the name Ghost of Blind Lemon in part as a tribute to Dallas’ first major blues musician to take residence here, Blind Lemon Jefferson. But I also imagined his spirit still permeating the streets of Deep Ellum, and so Ghost of Blind Lemon became the seemingly perfect blog name. And every blog has to have a writer, and why not let this blog have a “Ghost” writer?

In honor of that upcoming blog anniversary, The Ghost decided to let this Monday Mixteen be a ghost filled playlist. With each of the sixteen songs, the word “ghost” appears in either the song title, the artist name, or the title of the album from which the song came. Last week’s Monday Mixteen focused on songs of positivity and hope, and I hope that this playlist continues to find you in good spirits! Get it?


And that’s why I do a music blog and not a comedy blog. Oh well…

  1. Paul Cauthen, “Holy Ghost Fire”
    Paul Cauthen knew that I needed a new Ghost related song to kick off this playlist with, and so he released this song Friday just for yours truly.
    Well, at least that’s the story I’m choosing to go with, whether Mr. Cauthen agrees with it or not.
  2. Clifffs, “I’m Your Ghost”
    Continuing with the theme of delusion, I also choose to believe that John Dufilho specifically wrote this song with me in my mind. I do like to think of it as my “theme song”, so it’s only fitting, right?
  3. Madison King, “The Ghost of the One Who Got Away”
    Ms. King may have let a certain ghost get away, but fear not, this Ghost is still here for you!
  4. Gurf Morlix, “I’m a Ghost”
    Last week, I took up requests for Ghost related songs. Austin singer-songwriter Jaimee Harris offered loads of suggestions, though most were just songs that featured the word “ghost” in the lyrics. She did, however, turn me on to this Austin band that does feature the word “ghost” in the song title.
  5. Andrew Delaney, “The Ghost of Jack Brown”
    I’m surprised Ms. Harris didn’t suggest this song, as I know she’s a fan of Mr. Delaney. She even does an incredible cover of his song “Elephants”.  Anyway, here you you go with another ghost.
  6. Loafers, “Ghost”
    Leave it to Loafers to get straight to the point with no frills. There’s the word “ghost”. Nothing more, nothing less. And no frills is the way they like to do their rock and roll.
  7. Spoon, “The Ghost of You Lingers”
    Thanks to Evie Carpenter, who can be heard on The Incinerator every Wednesday night on Deep Ellum Radio (right after my show), for suggesting this Spoon song.
  8. Jetta in the Ghost Tree, “Pontchartrain Eyes”
    Here’s the first track on the playlist where the word “ghost” doesn’t appear in the song title, but rather in the band name. Lots of great tracks on Clandestine Vol. 1, but this one holds an especially soft spot in my heart. BTW, are we ever gonna get Volume 2?
  9. Silas Nello, “Holy Ghost Blues”
    So I guess the Holy Ghost’s fire burned out, and now he’s got the blues.
  10. I Happy Am, “O, Ghost!”
    I Happy Am anytime that I listen to this song. And don’t me tell that there’s anything wrong with my grammar.
  11. The Black Angels, “Doves”
    You say you want Directions to See a Ghost? You’re on my website; what more do you want?
  12. Ali Holder, “Ghost of a Man”
    Here’s another request from Jaimee Harris. Little did she know, however, that I already knew I wanted this song on the playlist. It’s an exceptionally beautiful and haunting (pardon the pun) song.
  13. These Machines Are Winning, “You Have Been Talking to a Ghost”
    I’m not sure that These Machines Are Winning are still a band, which I guess would mean that they’re nothing but ghosts of a band.
  14. The Cover Letter, “Ghost”
    Here’s an Austin based act that Ms. Harris forgot to recommend. Tsk tsk.
  15. Rahim Quazi, “Born on a Sunday”
    My love for Rahim Quazi (both as a musician and a human being) is pretty well documented at this point. It would have been an obvious choice for me to select the title track to Ghost Hunting. I realized, however, that for as much as I love this song, I’ve rarely featured it on playlists or on my radio show. This felt like the right time to fix that situation.
  16. Hightower, “Phantom Pains”
    OK, so this song technically uses the word “phantom” instead of “ghost”. It’s pretty close, right? Besides, I needed to take an opportunity to plug my upcoming music showcase at The Free Man. It goes down in September on Friday the 13th, and features Chilldren of Indigo, Charlie J Memphis, and the aforementioned Hightower.
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