VW (Video Wednesday) – 7/10/19


You knew the second you saw that Beetle that it was time for another installment of Video Wednesday.  Actually, maybe you’re new to the blog, and have no idea what the heck The Ghost is talking about.  So here’s the deal: sometimes on a Wednesday, I’ll share a bunch of videos on the blog and call it Video Wednesday (VW for short).  I was hoping the clever (and admittedly somewhat gimmicky) name might entice some Volkswagen dealership to sponsor GOBL.  The Ghost is still waiting…

While I wait for a big money sponsorship of Volkswagen (or anyone else who wants to throw money my way), how about I share some music videos with you?  Here’s a brand new video out of Cody Lynn Boyd for a song he just released called “Plastic Generation.”  His video for “I’m Gonna Give You Anything” was one of my faves from last year, and this new video is another winner.  The team of Madeleine Mathis and Anya Bosworth created a work that is visually appealing while sending a message on the consumer centered world we live in.  It’s a perfect visual accompaniment for this sharply written tune of Boyd’s.

Up next is the latest video out of Fort Worth band Royal Sons.  The band’s sound could easily described as 1970’s influenced heavy rock with a distinct blues twist to it.  The video for “Shufflin’ Shoes” looks like everything you would expect from a band with such a sound.  Classic cars, lots of booze, wild poker games, you name it.  Watching “Shufflin’ Shoes” is like going to the wildest party you’ve ever had but without the hangover the next morning… or discovering you gambled away your wedding ring…

Austin band Blushing will be visiting the metroplex this weekend.  You can catch them live Sunday night at Main at South Side along with Ringo Deathstarr and Trauma Ray.  Their latest video, “So Many”, is technically a lyric video, with each verse handwritten at the bottom of a separate Polaroid picture.  These photos are mixed in with video shots of Christine Carmona and Michelle Soto in a video that perfectly captures the sadness of this gorgeous song.

Finally, Dead Beat Poetry released a video for “It’s All Been Done Before” several months ago, but I’ve been slow to post.  Better late than never, right?

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