Ten for Your Attention: 8/20/19

Pictured above: Texicana

I’m not gonna wax as poetic as usual. Short and sweet. Keep it about the music.

Texicana: new band featuring GOBL faves Chris J Norwood and MD Wulf, among others. Cool cover of a tune written by Tom Petty. Curious to see what their originals sound like. Bet they’ll play originals this Thursday for their debut performance, happening at Granada Theater.

The Holophonics do Billie Eilish. Imagine what a ska version of “Bad Guy” would sound like. Bet it sounds exactly like this.

Just discovered Sailing Neptune yesterday. You can hear their song “Left Behind” on Spotify. It rocks. A lot. This is a brand new song called “Three”. It rocks too. Both songs will be on their new CD, and the release show is Wednesday at Checkered Past Winery.


Northern National writes pop songs. Catchy pop songs. Good pop songs. This song is good. And catchy.

I’ve been waiting a long time for new Annabelle Chairlegs. Here it is. It doesn’t disappointment.

My friend Emmeline raves about Court Hoang. This new song does seem rather rave-worthy.

Levees has a new album called Vultures. It’s an epic folky road trippy kind of record. The album’s journey begins, well, here.

This is Urban Township. It’s smooth, yet has a hint of quirkiness to its pop. Still digesting their EP, but it’s certainly a smart and engaging listen.

This Peyton Stilling isn’t super new, but she’s yet to disappoint with any of her songs. “High” keeps that streaking going.

Peyton’s song may not be super new, but this Red Monroe song is REALLY not new. I’m talking about thirteen to fifteen years old. But it is newly available on Bandcamp, so there’s that.

That’s it. Maybe I’ll be more verbose tomorrow. We’ll see.

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