Monday Mixteen: 9/2/19

Monday Mixteen 20190902

Today is Labor Day, which to many signifies the end of Summer. With Fall right around the corner, that can only mean one thing. No, I’m not not talking about Pumpkin Spice latte, or Pumpkin Spice body wash, or Pumpkin Spice Whiskey. I’m talking about Ghosty Awards.

This year will mark the 5th Annual Ghosty Awards, and it’s just a premonition, but I think this will be the best Ghosty Awards to date. More details will be announced in the coming weeks, including nominees, a pre-awards Acoustiganza, and the actual awards ceremony.

The sixteen songs in today’s Monday Mixteen have two things in common. First off, every one of these acts has won a Ghosty Award, whether it be from the readers, The Ghost, or both. Second of all, every one of these tracks has been released between August 1st of last year and August 31st of this year. What is the significance of those dates, you ask? To be eligible for this year’s Ghosty Awards, you must have released material during that time period.

There’s no guarantees that these sixteen songs will be nominated, much less win an award. I’d be lying, however, if I didn’t say that these artists and/or songs weren’t at minimum potential contenders for nominations. So with that in mind, give these tunes a listen, and let the Ghosty Award speculations begin!

  1. Rosegarden Funeral Party, “Once in a While”
    If you may recall, RFP won more than a few Ghosty awards last year, most notably The Ghost’s award for Best Live Act.
  2. Mean Motor Scooter, “Gutterboy Blues”
    Mean Motor Scooter did alright last year as well, winning for Best Rock band, plus keyboardist Rebekkah Elizabeth directed the Ghosty winning video “Proctor & Briggs Co.” by The Hendersons.
  3. Hightower, “Nobody’s Fool”
    I’ve been talking a lot lately about the upcoming Friday the 13th show at The Free Man, which Hightower are a part of. It’s also worth remembering, though, that Hightower earned an award back in 2016 for Best Pop Act. Oh, and don’t forget about the show Friday the 13th…
  4. Atlantis Aquarius, “The Feels”
    This song still gives me the feels, so who knows? Maybe Atlantis Aquarius might get more awards to go with the ones they won back in 2017, which included Best Rock Band and Best EP for Nibirian Sun.
  5. Acid Carousel, “Keith Richards”
    Keith Richards may be a millionaire who has more lives than an army of cats, but Acid Carousel have one thing he doesn’t. That’s right, Acid Carousel won Ghosty Awards for Best Psych Rock Band and Best Live Act in 2017. Keith Richards has a total of zero Ghosty Awards.
  6. Quentin Moore, “Make It Mine”
    Mr. Moore made several awards go to him back in 2017, most notably his Reader’s Award in 2017 for Best Album with Black Privilege.
  7. The High Moons, “Mary’s Garden”
    The High Moons were a true highlight of the 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards, both for their performance on the Three Links stage as well as their win for Best New Act.
  8. Charley Crockett, “The Valley”
    Back when Mr. Crockett lived in Dallas, he won several Ghostys, including Best Live Act and Best Song for “In the Night”. Now that’s he lives in Austin, he’s only eligible for Best Questionably Local Act. And last year, he was the Reader’s pick for that award.
  9. Quaker City Night Hawks, “Hunter’s Moon”
  10. Cut Throat Finches, “Stars”
    Both acts won multiple awards in 2016, though CTF lead singer also won Best Songwriter for last year. His ability to write a good tune hasn’t faded, as displayed by this year’s In Event of Moon Disaster.
  11. Reddening West, “Wander On”
    During the time that I’ve opened the blog to Texas bands outside of DFW, no out of town band has penned a song that captured my heart like “All You Need.” That track won Reddening West a Best Texas Song Award, among others. The band is still making gorgeous tunes, so they might add more Ghostys to their collection.
  12. Emmeline, “Orlando”
    I’m not sure how many Ghostys Emmeline has one, but I know she’s gathered more than one, and is a perennial favorite for Best Keyboardist.
  13. Jacob Furr, “Return”
    Mr. Furr won for Best Songwriter in 2016, plus Sierra Madre earned him a Best Album Ghosty in 2016.
  14. Nicholas Altobelli, “Don’t Let the World Get You Down”
    Nicholas Altobelli was the first winner of the Best Folk/Acoustic Ghosty.
  15. Sonar Lights, “The Four Horsemen”
    Sonar Lights had the Ghosty spotlight shine on them repeatedly in 2017. The band won the Best Hard Rock Ghosty, plus George Miadis was named Best Guitarist by the readers.
  16. Jackie Venson, “Back to Earth”
  17. Jackie won The Ghost’s Ghosty last year for Best Texas Solo Artist. Can she do it again? Will “Back to Earth” win for Best Texas Song? Could Jackie possibly move to Dallas and be up for other awards? Dang, that’s a lot of questions. Let’s just hold our horses and see what comes from the nominations, okay?

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