Monday Mixteen: 5/4/2020

Monday Mixteen 20200504

As this month began, Governor Abbott officially started the process of reopening the state.  Malls and restaurants are among the places that have been reopened, albeit with restrictions.  Personally, The Ghost recommends you follow the hidden advice within a previous playlist, but that’s just my two cents worth.

Whether the restrictions remain lifted, or the loosening on restrictions creates a spike in terms of infection and hospitalization, only time will tell.  But this development does mark an ending point of sorts, and while it’s likely not the end of the story, I do feel like at least one of the chapters in this horrific tale has ended.

What I present to you is, for lack of a better comparison, the soundtrack to the chapter that has ended.  These songs are not really defining of what the world is going through right now.  What this playlist does represent is a sampling of the music that has gotten me through these rough times.  I present these tracks to you, in hopes that they will offer even a fraction of the comfort they’ve given me.

  1. Penny and Dime, “Follow You”
    Usually, I like to start my Monday Mixteen with an energetic track. Yet I doubt there’s another song I’ve listened to more in the past than this solid mid-tempo beauty from Penny and Dime.
  2. Josh and the Jet Noise, “What Could Go Wrong”
    I liked this band when they first arrived on the scene, but their latest collection of songs shows the band developing catchier, more rocking tunes than before.
  3. Ireland, “Kevin Young’s Cat (A Savior Like Me)”
    Try and fight it if you must, but the hooks in this song will get you.
  4. Vanessa Peters, “Pink Rabbits”
    Vanessa covering The National? Yes, please.
  5. NiTE, “Hurt No More”
    Earlier I said that these songs are not indicative of the current state of the world. In a sense, that’s true, but this song more than other on this playlist defines what the world needs right now more than anything else.
  6. Matthew McNeal, “Levity”
    I could have selected any song from Good Grief here, but this is probably the catchiest of the bunch.
  7. The Belle Sounds, “Golden Hour”
    Austin’s The Belle Sounds have been on a roll lately with a steady release of singles. This may not be the most immediately catchy of the singles, but the slow burn of this song will compel you to listen repeatedly.
  8. Remy Reilly, “Just Stop”
    Remy’s most powerful and meaningful work to date, “Just Stop” may sound like a sugary pop tune, but her delivery of the message about domestic violence is haunting.
  9. Chilldren of Indigo, “Wake Up”
    Much love to the COI clan, who were kind enough to allow me to debut this new single of theirs. This is a group that is never afraid to take musical risks, and whose innovative delivery makes them a true DFW treasure.
  10. Mean Motor Scooter, “Zombie Cops”
    Did you see the MMS live video feed Friday? No other live feed local concert has even had half the impact of their set. The band sounds tighter than ever, and they even brought the same level of energy to this set as they would had there been an audience in front of them. It’s the most alive I’ve honestly felt since COVID-19 made its way into the metroplex.
  11. Daniel Markham, “Took A Lotta Time”
    Nothing to see folks, just another amazing release from Daniel Markham. Keep it moving.
  12. In Earnest, “Someday”
    My friends at Flint Creek Records compiled an amazing playlist, many of which had been featured on previous Monday Mixteen playlist. The Ghost must give them credit, however, for introducing me to this beautiful tune from In Earnest. The sweetness in both the melody as well as the vocals of Trisha McNeill make this the sonic equivalent of a warm blanket to wrap yourself up in.
  13. Uh Oh Jiminy, “Blackeyed and Bulletproof”
    The band sent me this track earlier this month, and I must confess, I let it sit there way too long without listening. That was a huge mistake on my part. Their self-titled EP has lots of solid tunes on it, but none have the level of hooks of Blackeyed and Bulletproof. The tone of the guitars, the driving rhythm, all of these elements make this song quite the earworm.
  14. Raquel Lindemann, “Willow and Violet”
    I discovered this song when creating Emmeline’s birthday celebration playlist, and I now get why she’s such a fan of Ms. Lindemann.
  15. Charlie J Memphis, “Trophy Wife”
    There’s more to Deep Ellum Radio than my radio show on the station (Wednesday night, 7-9 PM CST. Sorry, not sorry about the shameless plug). DJ Crash has his Beyond Punk show on Thursday night, but he also has hosted several interviews in the past few weeks. His show featuring Charlie J Memphis was one of the most entertaining listens, plus Charlie’s picks to be played show that his musical tastes are impeccable. Oh, and his new single is a winner as well.
  16. The Reverent Few, “Why Can’t You Love Me (I’ll Bring the Wine)”
    I’ve been jamming to this one since 2016, back when the band gave me a demo CD. The Reverent Few, however, have finally released a proper album, and this song is still as impactful as it was when I first heard it.
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