The Ghosts Hearing Is 2020

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That’s right: my hearing is 20/20 and I’m seeing things loud and clear.  I know that statement doesn’t make much sense, but hey, neither has anything else this year.

But for all the awfulness that has been in overabundance this year, music has been one of the few saving graces of this year.  In spite of the lack of opportunities for music for perform their works in front of audience, there have been plenty of great recordings released in 2020.  It’s getting close to the end of the year, which means that yes, a Ghost of Blind Lemon year end countdown is coming soon.  I’ve compiled a massive list of songs that I’ve liked this year.  Some have gotten lots of love on the blog and the radio show, while others have not spent near enough time in my earholes.  So I’ve created “The Ghost’s Hearing is 20/20” playlist.  It currently has 86 tracks.  Some of these tracks will make the year end countdown, some won’t, and some of the artists you hear will make the countdown with different songs.

But you know what this playlist is missing?  No, this is not a rhetorical question where I come up with a clever quip.  I realize that I may have missed out on some good tunes, so I’m asking for your help.  For the first time, The Ghost has created a collaborative playlist, and I’d encourage you to add your contributions.

There are, however, a few rules.

  1. The songs need to have been released in 2020.
  2. I don’t want any songs from artists in foreign lands.  Like Russia.  Or Austria.  Or Oklahoma.  Nope, only music from the fine nation of Texas need apply.
  3. I reserve the right to edit anyone’s edits.  Because, you know, I can.

So listen, share your favorite picks of the year, and by all means, Talk to the Ghost about what local music you’ve loved this year.  And sending me an email doesn’t break the six feet rule.

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