Monday Mixteen: 2/7/21

Monday Mixteen 20210208

It’s true that The Ghost has not recorded any new episodes of GOBL Radio so far this year.  That will likely not change until sometime in March.  Let’s not forget, though, that GOBL Radio is far from the only show on the station.  For starters, you can listen to DJ Crash’s Beyond Punk show every Thursday night at 9 PM, which features everything from punk, post-punk, dark wave, and other left of center musical variations.  Another fabulous (and quite underrated) show is The Robot Sonota, hosted by Bri Sargent.  Airing Sunday night at 7 PM, Ms. Sargent plays a full hour of atmospheric and hypnotic electronica music.

This month, the station gains two female hosts.  The first is Emmeline, whose shows Journey of a Song and Journey of an Artist, air Thursday night at 7 PM and Sunday afternoon at 5 PM respectively.  In addition, Amber LaFrance of Culture Hype will be debuting her new show #WomanCrushWednesday at 11 AM this (you guessed it) Wednesday!  Amber’s show will spotlight some of the amazing female talent found in this metroplex.  Deep Ellum Radio is so fortunate to have such a tastemaker and advocate of local music as a part of the station!

In honor of the debut of this new radio show, The Ghost will be featuring an all female Monday Mixteen playlist.  Think of it just like a Woman Crush Wednesday, except that it’s on a Monday.

  1. Emmeline, “If You Can’t Love Me”
    Emmeline has to be one of the hardest working individuals in our community. In a typical week, you can find Emmeline hosting several Twitch performances, hosting shows for Dallas Music Network on Saturday nights, teaching both English and piano lessons, and working on a doctoral thesis intertwining music and psychology. Oh, and she’s working on releasing a new single in the coming weeks or months. The only thing I’m not sure that Emmeline does is sleep.
  2. Lorelei K, “Black Paint”
    I’m just gonna be lazy and link to the thesaurus entry for synonyms for amazing. That’s all you need to know about Lorelei K.
  3. Kady Speeks, “How Dare You”
    So far, this is the only track Ms. Speeks has released to date. While one single is very limited data on which to judge an artist, I will say that this fiery, soulful, and gritty track has me very curious to hear more out of Kady.
  4. Hightower, “Treading Water”
    In the most literal sense, Hightower is a band that is over 50% male. If you consider, however, that the band’s name is the surname of its lead singer, then it becomes obvious that the vocal talents of Lindsay Hightower are what is the driving force of the group.
  5. Anna Larson, “Cocoon”
    The title track of Ms. Larson’s new album refers to the cocoon like state her post-COVID world has felt like. It’s a sentiment that most of us have felt like this past year. Yet I’d argue there is a second meaning to the name. The album feels so intimate in nature that it feels like music you could wrap yourself up in, much like a cocoon. Whatever your perspective is on the album, listening to it is a powerful emotional experience.
  6. The Bralettes, “Maybe”
    I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. The Bralettes are not a great girl band; they are simply a great band. End of story.
  7. Summer Lane Emerson, “Banjo Hands”
    What is it about women from Fort Worth named Summer who sing country songs? First came Summer Dean, and now Summer Lane Emerson (sister to Vincent) is now making her presence known in the world of local country music.
  8. Penny and Dime, “True Is Honest”
    The Ghost has mostly focused on “Follow Me”, “Velvet Sun”, and “Ketchikan, AK” off of the duo’s self titled debut release. While those three remain my favorites, it’s worth noting that the album works as a work to be listened to from start to finish. The album’s closer “True Is Honest” is a gorgeous albeit heartbreaking way to end their amazing release.
  9. Nicole Marxen, “Tether”
    Ms. Marxen has already made her mark within the local music community through her work as Midnight Opera’s lead vocalist. Now Nicole will be releasing her first EP this month. “Tether”, the EP’s title track, is a haunting, powerful, and personal account of her struggles with mourning the loss of her mother.
  10. Ila Minori, “I Took the Money”
    San Antonio musician Ila Minori is scheduled to release new music this year. In the meantime, enjoy this track from Traveling With Ghosts.
  11. Sunbuzzed, “High Priestess”
    I guess I can let Sunbuzzed qualify for this playlist in spite of having keyboardist Daniel Serrano as its one “token” male member.
  12. Erika Lynn Lewis, “Gas and Fire”
    Ms. Lewis has been been up on stages for about two decades now. While I’ve always liked Erika’s powerful growl of a voice, she released her best track as of yet last fire with “Gas and Fire”. Yes, the intense gravelly vocals remain intact, but are now mixed in with more restrained and melancholic moments, along with a stripped down arrangement spotlighting Ms. Lewis’ vocal skills.
  13. Jessie Frye, “The One”
    Can we just call Ms. Frye The Queen of Retrowave now?
  14. PRIZM, “Disco Biscuit”
    I’m not sure PRIZM qualifies as retrowave per se, but the duo does manage to have a lot of fun in their songs that incorporate a very heavy 1980’s influence.
  15. Sable Breeze, “I Met You”
    Ms. Breeze started following The Ghost on Instagram. I decided to do a little research and listen to her EP that can be found on Bandcamp. I’m glad I check out the Flower Mound native, as both her skills as a vocalist and singer-songwriter are worth taking note of.  Oh, and I think there’s a moral to the story that has something to do with following me on Instagram.
  16. Ellen Once Again, “Survivor”
    2020 was rough, and 2021 hasn’t exactly been a walk through the park, unless if it’s perhaps Jurassic Park. Either way, sometimes we need a song to remind us of our strength and that we can persevere. Ellen Once Again has created the perfect song as that reminder with “Survivor”. It also feels like the perfect note to conclude our Monday Mixteen.
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