Monday Mixteen: 3/15/21

Monday Mixteen 20210315

Normally during this week, many Dallasites would be making the trek down to Austin for SXSW week.  Yes, the festival is still happening, but only as an online event.  That means Austin likely has no packed hotels and motels, no ridiculous amount of traffic and foot traffic, and no venues with people packed in like sardines.

While this is clearly the safest way to handle the festival while the pandemic continues, I suspect many of you are missing the Austin experience.  While I clearly cannot turn my blog into the city, I can let it represent the city this Monday Mixteen.  That’s why I’ve chosen to select only Austin based acts for today’s playlist.  It’ll be kind of like going down to Austin, except without the drive, the expense, and the crashing on someone else’s couch.

  1. Charley Crockett, “Midnight Run”
    I figured I would ease you DFW folks into an Austin based playlist with a fellow who once called Dallas home. In fact, The Ghost can’t help but wonder if all Charley’s gigs at Adair’s helped influence him to venture deeper into country than blues. Who knows?
  2. Calliope Musicals, “Can You Tell Me”
    This is indie pop at its wildest and most flamboyant, and this track is so infectious that The Grinch most likely cracks a smile listening to this song.
  3. Sasha and the Valentines, “Witches”
    The band has not yet released So You Think You’ve Found Love yet, but I’ve had a sneak preview, and this is gonna be a great album. For now, you’re just gonna have to listen to “Witches” and the few other tracks released (“Tears from Mars”, “Flower”) and trust The Ghost on the rest.
  4. Beth Lee, “Playing Along”
    If I had to choose a favorite Austin album out of the releases thus far in 2021, Beth Lee would win hands down for Waiting on You Tonight. It’s part blues, part soul, part old school throw, and all awesome thanks in no small part to Ms. Lee’s smoky, sultry voice.
  5. Holy Death Trio, “The Killer”
    This band came recommended by Johnny McConlogue of Royal Sons, and it sounds just like what you’d expect a recommendation from a Royal Sons member to sound like. This is no-frills kick-ass rock and effing roll.
  6. Stiletto Feels (ft. Shmu), “Plug Me In”
    Here’s a slice of quirky, dancy, poppy, musicy. Wait, I think I went a little “Y” overboard. On a separate note, it’s nice to get two artists for the price of one on this track.
  7. Ley Line, “Ciranda”
    It’s interesting that world music seems to be more strongly represented in the Austin music scene versus the DFW music community. While it’s not a genre I listen to a lot, The Ghost is most definitely a fan of Ley Line.
  8. Deer Fellow, “Let It Breathe”
    Interesting coincidence: The Ghost discovered Deer Fellow just one day prior to Noelle Hampton of Belle Sounds submitting the duo for her Bandcamp recommendations article. What’s that saying about great minds?
  9. Lord Friday the 13th, “Bigots Beware”
    If you don’t like the melody, I will strongly disagree with you. If you don’t like the title and the sentiment of the song… your issues go way deeper than a lack of music taste.
  10. Wilson Marks, “Reinventing Cupid”
    Part jazz, part modern beat, all cool.
  11. Ghost Feather, “Lo-Fi Love Affair”
    A lot of Facebook sponsored music ads miss the mark for me. Austin based Ghost Feather hit the mark. Guess that was money well spent by the band, considering that at minimum it helped them land on today’s Monday Mixteen.
  12. Scott Collins, “Headed North”
    Not only is Mr. Collins a super cool dude, he writes some really cool tunes as well.
  13. Mobley, “Mate”
    I’ve seen Mobley live only once, but he’s a fascinating performer who blurs the line between musical genres. Here’s hoping to seeing him again in Dallas someday, preferably sooner instead of later.
  14. Blushing, “Me Without You”
    Unlike Mobley, The Ghost has yet to see Blushing perform live. While I recall them playing on line-ups in Denton and Fort Worth, I’m not sure the band has ventured into Dallas city limits. Let’s change that soon, K?
  15. Buenos Diaz, “Down on the Bayou”
    Nick Diaz is something of a musical chameleon.  His work as Buenos Diaz has ranged from indie pop to boogie style rock to dreamy singer-songwriter fare.  On his latest effort, there’s a strong New Orleans style jazz influence felt, and it just might be The Ghost’s favorite out of Buenos Diaz to this day.
  16. The Belle Sounds (ft. Ray Prim), “Stay Alive”
    The sentiment on this track seems like the perfect message to end on. Oh, and here’s another awesome instance of two great Austin artists joining forces for one killer track.
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