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Keep Deep Ellum Rocking

Deep Ellum Petition

Deep Ellum is, first and foremost, and entertainment district.  The majority of the business in the neighborhood are centered around events regarding shopping, dining, and most importantly, music.  When I hear the words “Deep Ellum”, music venues are the first businesses to come to mind.  Trees.  Three Links.  Dada.  Adair’s.  The Free Man.  These are […]

The Follow Friday Five

first followfriday

Blogging, at its best, is a privilege.  The opportunity to share music and news in our local community (and beyond) brings me more joy than you may realize.  At its worst, however, it can feel like an added duty.  A large amount of work goes into the Monday Mixteen segments, as well as a Ten […]

The Top 101 Songs of 2020


For those who missed it, last night’s Top 20+20 Countdown of 2020 was quite the celebration, and that was especially true for those who were a part of the broadcast. The Ghost is so grateful for everyone’s participation in the event, as well as the donations received to help Deep Ellum Radio with its operating […]

Open Letter From A Ghost

Deep Ellum Hearst

Dear Readers, For months, I was planning an announcement. Life factors were creating a burnout of sorts, which caused a dramatic reduction in posts, radio shows, and GOBL events. Even my plans for the 5th Annual Ghosty Awards did not come to fruition. I felt it was time retire as The Ghost. I was working […]

Ghosty Voting Is Open!

voting booths

Just a little announcement that voting for the 4th Annual Ghosty Awards has begun.  Just click on the above section that says Ghosty Voting (appropriately enough).  You can vote once per day; any votes beyond that will be discounted.  Results will be announced Wednesday, November 21st at the Ghosty Awards ceremony.  I’ll share more details […]

World Mental Health Day 2017

Picture from the Foundation45 Facebook page

Mental health: those two words have been thrown around a bit the past few weeks.  The news media tosses those words out every time there is a mass shooting like the one last week in Las Vegas.  The problem is that unless the public’s attention span significantly increases, or there are more such tragedies, the […]

Thoughts on the 2017 Dallas Observer ...

Green Trash Ballot
Photo of the Dallas Observer Ballot Box?

The Ghost has always maintained a soft spot in his heart for awards shows. While I have enjoyed major televised events like The Grammys and The Academy Awards, the Dallas Observer Music Awards have always held a truly special place in my musical heart of hearts. Perhaps it’s the fact that it celebrates talent that […]

Press Release: The 2nd Annual Ghosty ...


The following is The Ghost’s press release for The 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards.  In an unusually rare move, The Ghost is mentioning his personal identity on the site.  The Ghost is, however, omitting the more personal details from the press release like the phone number.  It is, however, given in the actual press release that […]

Are You There Dallas? It’s Me, ...


Dallas, I have something to confess. I’m going through a crisis of faith regarding you as of late. While these feelings have been present for a long while, hearing the news regarding Jeff Gage has brought it to a point where I can no longer stay silent on the issue. This comes after the Dallas […]

Helping Hand

Bravo Hand 1

For the past nine years, The Ghost has been working hard to help promote the great music both in the DFW area and throughout this state.  This is a project I have taken on single-handedly.  While it has always been a challenge, I have mostly been able to do the work/blog juggle.  Lately, however, I […]

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