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Monday Mixteen: 12/11/17

Monday Mixteen 20171211

Lately, it seems The Ghost has been short on words.  That tradition is breaking today… sort of.  I still have no commentaries for these sixteen tracks, but I did spend more time than usual typing the titles.  You see, today’s theme is long song titles.  More to the point, the songs have to be over […]

Monday Mixteen: 11/6/17

Monday Mixteen 20171106

I hope everyone has enjoyed this weekend.  It marks one of my favorite weekends of the year.  Why is that?  Simple: one hour of extra sleep.  Yes, The Ghost does love his sleep.  And I recall some British guy once saying something about sleeping perchance to dream, or something to that effect.  So to celebrate […]

Sunday Spotify Sixteen Squared: 4/10/...


So, I had this genius idea.  I wanted to do sixteen of my Sunday Spotify Sixteen playlist in one day.  Each playlist would encompass one year of the 21st century, ranging from 2001 to the unfinished year of 2016.  And for the record, the year 2000 is still part of the 20th century.  But, I […]

Ghost of Blind Lemon Sampler


Right before Hands Across Deep Ellum, I decided to make a CD to give out as a way of promoting both the blog and many of the artists that I like.  I wanted to thank everyone who contributed to this CD, of which I only had the time to make ten.  All ten copies have […]

Sunday Soundcloud Sixteen

sanyo cassette

I got a little bored tonight, so I decided to make y’all a playlist.  You don’t mind, do you?  I call it the Sunday Soundcloud Sixteen because, well, it’s Sunday, I made it on Soundcloud, and there are sixteen songs.  That, and as you might have guessed, I like alliteration. Masego + Medasin, “Shut Up […]

Video Premiere: Rahim Quazi, “G...

Video Premiere: Rahim Quazi, “Ghost Hunting”

Ghost of Blind Lemon is proud to have the opportunity to debut the video for Rahim Quazi’s “Ghost Hunting”.  The video was directed by Matthew Gray (Matthew and the Arrogant Sea), and stars both Rahim Quazi and Ginny Mac as a couple that is in their own way, “Ghost Hunting”. Rahim has said of the song […]

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