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Sunday Spotify Sixteen Squared: 4/10/...


So, I had this genius idea.  I wanted to do sixteen of my Sunday Spotify Sixteen playlist in one day.  Each playlist would encompass one year of the 21st century, ranging from 2001 to the unfinished year of 2016.  And for the record, the year 2000 is still part of the 20th century.  But, I […]

Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 3/20/2016

clear cassette

So first, let me apologize for the vanishing blog posts last week.  While those posts have forever disappeared into an interweb black hole, there should be no further issues with this and future posts. Also, I’m trying to get some cool stuff up and going this week.  I have some awesome post ideas, plus the […]

Video: The Cliffs of Insanity, “...

bill youre only human

You know that phrase about idle hands being the devil’s work?  John Dufilho must take that phrase very seriously.  All it would take is a look at the list of acts he’s either fronted or been involved with in the past twenty years or so.  Bedwetter, The Deathray Davies, I Love Math (now known as […]

Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 9/19/2015

cassette (1)

Thanks to those who took the time to vote for the songs on this week’s playlist.  There were some interesting surprises as to who you chose, though more importantly, you showed that there were no significant glitches in the Google Forms for voting.  What does that mean, you ask?  That means come Monday morning, voting […]

Take Two: Handing You the Keys to the...

Car salesman handing car keys to man in showroom, close-up

I tried this about a month ago, with limited success.  This time, I’ve changed things up a bit.  No longer will I be asking you to select songs and write about them.  I’ll do the writing, and I’m even selecting the candidates for which songs will be on the playlist.  I sorted through eighty of […]

A Throwback to the Throwback Thursday...

A Throwback to the Throwback Thursday That Never Was

The week of the GOBL blog relaunch party, I asked members of the performing bands to request song choices for the Throwback Thursday of June 25th.  I received a response from Jennifer “Zooki” Sturges of (monkeysphere) and Justin Casey of Uneasy Pilgrim.  I never received a response from Ducado Vega or Zenya Vi.  Unfortunately, I […]

Ticket Giveaway for The Orange


When trying to bring people in for reading the newly revamped GOBL site, bribery would seem like a very useful tool.  The kind folks at Granada Theater have given me two pairs of tickets to give away for The Orange’s show on Saturday, June 20th.  Let me just say that I have been excited about […]

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