Sunday Spotify 16: 11/27/16

basf cassette

So, last week I was kinda busy with all that Ghosty Award stuff, so there was no Sunday Spotify 16 playlist.  Many of the weeks beforehand, the playlists revolved around nominated acts.  That means this week’s Sunday Spotify 16 is the first regular playlist in a long, long time.  So let’s begin, shall we? Charley […]

Winners of the 2nd Annual Ghostys


Wow. What a night. The 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards have come and gone, and it has been a spectacular, almost whirlwind like experience for The Ghost. I have so many thank you’s to pass along. First off, I have to give a big thanks to Scott Beggs and Three Links for being such gracious and […]

Awards Announced Before the Awards Ce...

second ghosty video game

Today’s the big day.  All the winners for this year’s Ghosty Awards will be announced at Three Links.  Actually, that’s not true.  A select few awards are being announced prior to the show.  Any artist wishing to claim their award should Talk to the Ghost about doing so.  And now, here are the winners… Best […]

Sweet Somethings from The Cover Lette...

Photo by: Alex Gray

There are few bands in this state with as tight and as fun of a live set as The Cover Letter.  While their sound is fairly straight ahead alt-country, the band itself is not so straight ahead in its performances.  Watching them play is the live equivalent of musical chairs, except those chairs being their […]

Dining With a Ghost


See that picture above?  That’s a sammich from Uncle Uber’s.  Imagine.  You, a friend, The Ghost, 88 Killa, and delicious Uber’s sammiches.  Sound good? Tune into the Tuesday Morning Blend on KNON (starts at 7 AM CST), and donate.  You could wind up with a pair of tickets to The Ghostys, plus dinner with 88 […]

Press Release: The 2nd Annual Ghosty ...


The following is The Ghost’s press release for The 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards.  In an unusually rare move, The Ghost is mentioning his personal identity on the site.  The Ghost is, however, omitting the more personal details from the press release like the phone number.  It is, however, given in the actual press release that […]

Sunday Spotify 16: 11/13/16

tdk sax90 photo

Next Sunday, the results for The 2nd Annual Ghosty Awards shall be revealed. I hope you’ll be there at Three Links when the big ceremony goes down. To help get you ready, here’s another playlist focusing on several of the nominees. Don’t forget that you can continue to vote all the way up until Saturday […]

Sunday Spotify 16: 11/6/16


The Ghost has not felt well the past few days.  As a result, I will not be adding commentary on this week’s playlist.  In fact, this playlist is sort of a “comfort music” style playlist, featuring newer and older songs that just feel comfortable and good to my ears.  Not to worry, however, as The […]

Thoughts from The Ghost… Live!


So, I know a couple of you read my rant about the local music scene last week.  I thank you for that.  Most of the feedback was positive, though there were some who disagreed with my perspective.  That’s fine.  Disagreement is a natural part of the discourse of debate. It’s that debate and discussion that is […]

Sunday Spotify 16: 10/30/16

orange tape

First of all, thank you for all the wonderful response to my open letter to Dallas.  It’s obvious that The Ghost is not the only one frustrated with the status of things in our music community.  My hope is that this begins a dialog with musicians, venue owners, booking agents, and music fans. In the […]

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