VW (Video Wednesday): 8/24/16

vw passat

Wednesday is almost gone, and if I post this on Thursday, if becomes VT and not VW.  Do you know of any companies with the initials VT that I could bug until I get a sponsorship.  Neither do I.  That means The Ghost must get the VW post done before midnight in order to try […]

Ten for Your Attention: 8/23/16


You remember back in the days when Sesame Street had letters and numbers as its “paid sponsors”?  Well, it might be fair to say that this week’s Ten for Your Attention is brought to you by the letter M.  There’s plenty of M acts on this week’s list, and it kicks off with a brand […]

Sunday Spotify 16: 8/21/16

tdk d90

Birds of Night, “Dark” The Cover Letter, “Her Eyes, the Ocean” Cut Throat Finches, “Boundaries” You should know the deal by now, but in case you don’t, here’s a summary.  August 27th.  Double-Wide.  Ghost of Blind Lemon Birthday Bash.  Birds of Night.  The Cover Letter.  Cut Throat Finches.  The Heavy Hands.  Hosted by Veronica Young […]

Interview: Jonas Martin

Jonas Martin Multi Exposure-2

Two years ago, Jonas Martin was certainly doing well within the local music scene as a member of the highly popular (and respected) band Goodnight Ned.  When he released his first solo album, Chokecherry Jam, the first reaction of many local music fans was that it was simply a side project.  I’ll even confess to that […]

Sunday Spotify 16: 8/14/16


Rei Clone, “Ready to Die” I may have liked Rei Clone the first time I heard them with their self-titled EP, but Wet gives me a whole new level of appreciation for the band.  Their Bandcamp page uses the labels punk and shoegaze, but I feel the phrase “organized chaos” is the best way to describe […]

(Half of a) Ten for Your Attention: 8...

Photo by: Brent Buemi

Bad news: today’s Ten for Your Attention is only half its length.  Good news: there’s still plenty of musical goodness, beginning with a brand new track from Cameron Matthew Ray (shown above).  It’s from his upcoming album Acoustic: Volume 1, featuring re-recorded versions of songs found on CMR as well as new songs.  Here’s an example of […]

Sunday Spotify 16: 8/7/16

mixtape (6)

This has been quite the weekend for me, between both Alexandria Rhea’s CD release show at Opening Bell Coffee and my showcase at Cafe Bohemia yesterday.  Thanks to all the performers who made this weekend so amazing.  And now, it’s time for the usually sixteen songs you get every Sunday.  Ready, set… Death Stairs, “Ghost […]

Where the Ghost Will Be Tonight: 8/6/...

cafe bohemia 0806
Artwork courtesy of "The Ghost"

Fact: The Ghost is far better at curating lineups than creating posters for shows.  If in doubt, look at the poster above.  And honestly, that’s one of my BETTER posters.  Fortunately, today’s GOBL show at Cafe Bohemia is a musical lineup, not an art exhibit. Today’s event begins at 6:30 and not 6, as Jeremiah […]

Where the Ghost Will Be Tonight: 8/5/...

alex rhea obc

Sadly, I feel as if Alexandria Rhea has not gotten onto the musical radar of Dallas the way she deserves to be.  In all fairness, it’s just recently that she caught the attention of the Fort Worth Weekly, with Aubrey Rodriguez having a positive review of her EP, Naked Soul.  As far as The Ghost […]

VW (Video Wednesday): 8/3/16

vw jetta

Today’s scoreboard: Number of cool videos this VW: 3 Number of endorsement checks received by VW: 0 It seems I’m far more interested in getting the VW endorsement than they are in giving me the endorsement.  More importantly, they’re not interested in giving The Ghost the money behind an endorsement.  If any other businesses are […]

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