Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 3/20/2016

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So first, let me apologize for the vanishing blog posts last week.  While those posts have forever disappeared into an interweb black hole, there should be no further issues with this and future posts.

Also, I’m trying to get some cool stuff up and going this week.  I have some awesome post ideas, plus the next round of March Musical Madness is headed your way.  I’m also beginning an email list.  I won’t bombard anyone with twenty messages a day, but I would certainly like to send an email once (maybe twice) a week highlighting significant stories, GOBL showcases, and other Ghostly news.  Anyways, see that widget to the right where you can enter your name and subscribe?  Take a moment to do that before digging into this playlist, k?

  1. The Deathray Davies, “Valentine”
    The Old 97’s tribute album, Desperate Times, has finally been released.  There’s plenty of great covers on the album, such as the melancholy “Salome” performed by Old 97’s, and Slobberbone’s spot on cover of “Melt Show.”  Whereas Slobberbone’s cover was an obvious fit, the most surprising interpretation comes courtesy of The Deathray Davies.  The verses feel pretty straight forward, though still more rocking.  When the band hits the chorus, however, that’s when the song takes you for a real loop.
  2. Relick, “I Wouldn’t Lie to You”
    This song is the definition of pop music.  I’m not talking about pre-produced Top 40, I’m talking about shamelessly, overtly catchy music filled with bouncy hooks.  I’m not sure any local act has released a song this strong thus far in 2016.  Bands, take note: Relick has set the bar for you to reach or exceed.
  3. Velvet Guard, “Innocent Days”
    Velvet Guard has reunited, and for a limited time, this song will be available as a free download through Reverbnation.  The band never got the attention it deserved during its time together, but those who did listen to the band not only liked the band, but felt very strongly about how great they were.  I’m hoping that this time around, people will take notice.
  4. Monoculture, “Heavier Daze”
    Here’s the title track from the Dallas band that blends psychedelia and blues together in a perfect indie rock gift box.
  5. Kirk Thurmond & the Millennials, “Break Free”
    This upcoming weekend will be a busy one for Mr. Thurmond, as he celebrates the release of his new album.  Kirk (and his backup band The Millennials) will be playing Friday night at the Magnolia Motor Lounge in Fort Worth, and on Saturday, Dallas folks can check them out at The Free Man.
  6. Castaway Radio, “Shades, Spades & Spinach”
    I was passing by Curtain Club a few months back when I heard this band from outside.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m not into a lot of the heavier acts that play Curtain Club.  Pearland based Castaway Radio, however, come closer to indie rock than heavy rock.  This is a young band that I could imagine developing a strong fan base.
  7. Mind Spiders, “Split in Two”
    Mind Spiders are often classified as a punk band, but I’m not convinced that’s an accurate description of their style.  At most, I could agree that it’s post-punk.  On this particular track, I’d say the band is venturing into New Wave territory, with hooks reminiscent of Devo.
  8. Hightower, “Echo Spring”
    Fact: there are too many artists called Hightower on Spotify.  There’s a rapper by that name, as well as a metal band.  The one you want to check out, however, is the Dallas blues band.  The title track to their album is a fine mix of blues and classic soul, and lead singer Lindsay Hightower has some powerful pipes on her.
  9. Mean Girls, “A Comprehensive List of My Failures”
    It’s not only a fun, catchy piece of punk, Mean Girls have created a brilliant song title here.
  10. Bronco Simmons, “Heavy Chandeliers”
    Although the band has only released two songs as of yet, the band is keeping me curious as to what new song, EP, or album they’ll release yet.  This band just might be one of the big musical sleeper hits of the year.
  11. Karyna Micaela, “Natural Disaster”
    Nothing official, but The Ghost “might” have a show announcement soon involving Karyna and Opening Bell Coffee.  Stay tuned for details…
  12. Reinventing Jude, “The Talk”
    I  hear that Jude Gonzalez will be relocating to Portland over this summer.  It’s a shame that Dallas will be losing such a strong performer.  I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Ms. Gonzalez just may be the strongest female vocalist in this town.  She should be releasing some new music very soon, and I anxiously await the opportunity to hear it.
  13. Nervous Curtains, “White Flashes”
    Just taking a moment to shamelessly promote my show at The Underpass featuring Nervous Curtains, Hawk vs. Dove, and International Bitterness Unit.  That’s all.
  14. Pleasant Grove, “Lava”
    The rockingest song ever recorded by PG.
  15. Rude King, “Helping Hand”
    I’ve noticed that most local ska bands are not sharing their music on Spotify.  Do The Ghost a favor, and follow Rude King’s lead.  It’s the only way to make it on a Sunday Spotify Sixteen.
  16. Rebecca Jozwiak, “With You Around”
    Ms. Jozwiak sent me her album Mechanical in Nature shortly after its release.  It wasn’t until she performed at my last Acoustiganza at Opening Bell Coffee that I truly realized how gifted of a performer and songwriter she is.  This song in particular is so beautiful live that it was perhaps the strongest moment of the Acoustiganza.  I’ve been listening to the song repeatedly ever since, and you should do the same as well.

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