Ten for Your Attention: 3/8/16

honor system

Another Tuesday, another ten songs for your attention. Since the 35 Denton Festival begins Friday, it only seems appropriate that we begin the list with one of the many performers. Austin based songstress Alesia Lani is the first on the list with her latest single “Love You.” Her soulful pop style is quite enjoyable to say the least. Fans of artists like Alicia Keys will want to catch out the work of Ms. Lani. If you want to experience her live performance, she’ll be at Andy’s Bar Sunday night at 10:30. And I do predict she’ll be performing “Love You” during her set.

Sometimes there’s something about an album cover that grabs one’s attention and makes one curious about listening to the music associated with that album.  That was the case when I found Departure, the latest album by San Antonio singer Bekah Kelso.  The album suggests the work of a quirky but fun musician, and I’d say the tracks from Departure live up to the description.  Below is my favorite, “Hippy Pagan People”.

There’s no doubt that Charley Crockett has settled into the Dallas music community quite nicely. In fact, I’d say there’s no other local blues artist in the past ten years that’s been so successful by playing pure, authentic blues music as Mr. Crockett. He recently added two new songs to his Soundcloud page. The track spotlighted below, “In the Night”, is something of a departure for Mr. Crockett, as it ventures more into soul territory than Louisiana blues. Still, it is every bit as enjoyable as the blues song from his album A Stolen Jewel.

There’s been a lot of buzz around the band Classic Cult and their live shows, but the group sure took its sweet time waiting to release any songs.  Last week, the patience of Classic Cult fans was rewarded with “Wasting Time”, the first release from the group.  You’ll find that listening to the straight ahead indie rock leanings of Classic Cult is anything but a waste of time.

Darrin Kobitech is undoubtedly a very talented guitar player.  The Fort Worth musician has been steadily releasing gorgeous, acoustic guitar instrumentals for at least the past eight years or so.  The song “To the Tune of a Super Massive Black Hole” marks something of a departure for Mr. Kobitech, as he trades in his acoustic guitar for an electric.  The differences are most noted in the sound of the song, with the experimental and interesting sonic structure of this song.  And while the title will certainly bring Muse to mind, this is far more moody and complex than the work of Muse.

Remember how in the late 2000’s there was a plethora of mellow indie electronic bands coming out of Denton?  Remember Fight Bite?  Florene?  Honor System (shown above) may be centered in Dallas, but their musical heart seems more aligned with late 2000’s Denton.  That’s alright though, as long as they keep creating gorgeous songs like “Horror Scope.”

Fort Worth singer Izzy Nero hasn’t made many waves in the local music scene… yet.  She’ll be releasing Song of Myself, an EP of demo recordings, on March 11th.  Although the recordings are quite obviously demos, there’s no hiding the power of both Ms. Nero’s vocals and melodies.  It’s lo-fi dream pop with light hints of shoegaze that are like a breath of fresh air.  The only track from the EP available for streaming is “You (Song for a Revenant), and I’ll be anxiously awaiting the opportunity to hear more from Ms. Nero.

Back in the days that The Ghost booked at The Crown and Harp, the band Dyerwood played on a quite regular basis.  Lead singer Justin Dyer has recently released a new track called “Candlelight”, a very charming and catchy tune.

Relick has finally released their Twin House EP, and it’s so far one of the strongest local debut efforts thus far this year.  Fans of 70’s pop will no doubt love the band, as they maintain all the hooks of that era without ever feeling campy or cheesy.  Check out “Sour Grapes” below.  Or you can just put the EP on random, as you can’t land on a bad track.

Finally, Richard Gilbert released “Let’s Go”, a song that he wrote years ago and plays regularly at live shows.  He describes the song as “a fun traveling song”, and it’s certainly a fun, upbeat number that shows Mr. Gilbert is as good at happy songs as he is at moody and melancholy songs.  And I’ll bet he’ll even play this song Sunday at 35 Denton during his set at LSA Burger starting at 8 pm.

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