Sunday Spotify Sixteen: 4/24/16

cassette purple rain

Don’t let the photo fool you. This, alas, isn’t a Prince themed playlist. Just a little way to pay homage to the purple one. Now, on with some local musics…

  1. Ten Can Riot, “401”
    If you’re needing a good show to attend tonight, there is only one acceptable option in The Ghost’s book.  Head to Three Links to celebrate Jenn “Zooki” Sturges’ 30th birthday celebration.  Her band, (monkeysphere), will headline, with From Parts Unknown, Ten Can Riot, and Responsible Johnny rounding out the bill.  And for those who ask why I didn’t start the playlist with (monkeysphere) instead, they’re not on Spotify.  That kind of makes it hard to start a Spotify playlist with them.
  2. Quaker City Night Hawks, “Beat the Machine”
    The band’s new album El Astronauta, will not be available until May 20th.  Fortunately, the group has been releasing a few tracks for listen before the album comes out.  The latest one available for listen is “Beat the Machine”, whose intro sounds a little like a stripped down version of the Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil”.  Not that that’s a bad thing.  No, not at all.
  3. Bronco Simmons, “Younger Days”
    While Bronco Simmons hasn’t released an actual album to date, the group has steadily been releasing songs this year.  Imagine 90’s alternative with a slightly more pop bent to it, and that’s not a bad way to imagine their sound.  Or, better yet, listen to their music and decide for yourself.
  4. Sarah Jarosz, “House of Mercy”
    I’ve liked what I’ve heard of Ms. Jarosz before now, but I’m now declaring her my new musical crush after listening to “House of Mercy”.  I’d encourage you to listen to the song right now, but get your own musical crush.  This one is all mine.
  5. Tablet, “Cancelled”
    Twenty years after the release of Cancelled on Kudzu (through Mercury/Polygram), the album is finally available again on vinyl thanks to the fine folks at State Fair Records.
  6. A Giant Dog, “Jizzney”
    Just a friendly reminder that A Giant Dog is coming to Three Links on May 13th.  Yes, it will be Friday the 13th.  But with Sealion and Dead Mockingbirds on the bill, only good things will happen to you at the show.  You’re better off spending that Friday the 13th at Three Links than, say, Camp Crystal Lake.
  7. Hightower, “Trying to Forget You”
    Lyndsey Hightower is making a name for herself with her brand of blues rock.  This particular track feels more 1960’s soul influenced, but it’s still a real charmer of a song.
  8. Sad Cops, “Liam Murphy Holt”
    Central Track went crazy over this band last year, particularly with their “Best Friends” track, which they declared the best local song of 2015.  I liked the band, though not nearly to the extent that Central Track did.  With what I’m hearing off the Liam Murphy Holt album, I’m considering a change of perspective on the band.
  9. Unknown Relatives, “Fortuna”
    It’s hard enough keeping up with local acts, much less what’s happening in Austin and the rest of Texas.  I don’t have any good resources for researching bands in Houston, San Antonio, or El Paso (though I’d welcome recommendations on music blogs from those areas).  I do have to help me know what’s happening in Austin, and their suggestions are usually very solid.  One that really caught my ear was Austin act Unknown Relatives, who manage to take the surf asthetic and inject it with punk fury.  Their entire Clueless album is a winner, but this track wins based on pure intensity.
  10. Mind Spiders, “Running”
    I haven’t posted all the tracks off of Prosthesis… yet.  At the rate I’m going, it may happen.  Here’s another cool track from their album.  And is it just me, or the opening riff sound like Buzzcocks’ “Ever Fallen in Love”?
  11. Kirk Thurmond & the Millennials, “Dancing Like You Do”
    Last month, I stated that Kirk Thurmond & the Millennials were having a CD release show at Magnolia Motor Lounge.  It turned out to be just a regular performance at the Fort Worth venue, with no album release happening that night.  I ran into Mr. Thurmond the following night, and he shared with me that he was hoping to have the new album released on London based label DEFDISCO.  Hope has now turned into reality, as Kirk recently announced that he’s been signed to DEFDISCO, which is the same label that will be releasing Kaela Sinclair’s next album.  Congrats to Kirk and the rest of the band on this news.
  12. The Gibbonses, “Walk a Mile”
    I’ve been listening to The Gibbonses’ music for awhile now, and it’s something of a slow burn that grows on you with each listen.  Check the band’s website for upcoming performances, as there schedule tends to be very busy.
  13. Otis the Destroyer, “Swallow”
    Just some solid rock and roll from Austin.
  14. Missing Sibling, “Always”
    More solid rock and roll, this time from Dallas.
  15. Vanessa Peters, “Atmosphere”
    I think many of you missed my post Friday where I shared the Story Behind the Song of “Atmosphere”.  If you missed it, use the link I provided to learn all about it.
  16. Ronnie Heart, “Fortune Teller”
    No, this is not a Prince song, but the groove of the song definitely feels like something the purple one would’ve done back in the 1980’s.  It’s as close to a tribute to the artist as I could come up with, especially since none of his music is available on Spotify.

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