Sunday Spotify 16: 10/2/16

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  1. Wall of Orange, “Sweetest Blue”
    Orange seems to be a popular color in local music.  First there was simply The Orange, and now Wall of Orange has taken a shining to the same hue.  I can’t say I know much about the band, but I can say that “Sweetest Blue” is an intriguing song.  Some might say it’s unusually dark for pop music, and it could equally be argued that the band is unusually pop centered for such dark moody music.  Either way, score one for both the colors orange and blue.
  2. Blue, the Misfit, “No Care in the World”
    Speaking of the color blue, this fellow right here will soon be releasing a new album.  I haven’t yet heard Perfect Night, for a Funeral, but my expectations are quite high.  Since I can’t share any new tracks (yet), here’s a classic from Child in the Wild.
  3. Migrant Kids, “Molly”
    These kids from Austin have a definite love of new wave music.  That’s always a good thing in The Ghost’s book.  Migrant Kids don’t really stray from that formula on their latest single; they just continue to prove how good they are within the genre.
  4. Sara Donaldson, “Once Again”
    This song popped up in my iTunes shuffle recently, and I felt the need to share the song.  I believe it’s been five years since Ms. Donaldson performed, and that’s a shame.  She’s focusing on her photography career, but I still miss hearing her powerful voice.  While “Once Again” is a more playful number, Sara’s voice on the melancholy ballads hits one directly in the heart.  Sara, if you’re reading this, I hope you’ll reconsider performing in public again.
  5. Public Love Affair, “Analysis Paralysis”
    You can see PLA perform live this Friday at Double-Wide, along with Austin’s Fair City Fire and Fort Worth’s Slumberbuzz.  And while you’re there, pay attention to lead singer Caleb Ditzinger’s skill on the guitar.  And if you feel so compelled, cast a vote for him in this year’s Ghosty Awards.
  6. Tele Novella, “Waiting on an Answer”
    I’ve been anxiously awaiting a full length Tele Novella album since… well, since I first heard their song “Excalibur”.  House of Souls is everything one would expect from the band: gorgeous indie ballads in a similar vein to Belle and Sebastian.  The Ghost approves.
  7. Madelyn Brené, “Warm Up to You”
    Maybe you’re not into sensual, jazzy R&B numbers.  If so, Madelyn Brené will probably not change your mind.  But really, how many weirdos do you know who don’t like a good slow jam like “Warm Up to You”?  I suspect most of you will easily warm up to this track.
  8. Cantina, “A Sea of Keys”
    How does John Dufilho manage to distill pop perfection into 61 seconds?  I’m not sure how he pulled it off, but “A Sea of Keys” is yet a reminder of Dufilho’s talent.  Ghosty Awards reminder 2: Dufilho is up for Best Songwriter and Musical MVP.
  9. Fat by the Gallon, “Sick Inside”
    I’ve gotten into many discussions on the definition of punk with Jennifer “Zooki” Shinn of (monkeysphere), particularly on the line between punk and post-punk.  While Fat by the Gallon leans heavily on the poppier side of punk (particularly on this track), I feel they safely qualify as punk.  Feel free to tell me if you disagree, even though you’d be wrong.
  10. Monoculture, “Absurd”
    Ghosty Awards reminder 3: Caleb Ditzinger isn’t the only nominee for Best Guitarist.  Monoculture’s own Olan Mijana is also up for that award.  The whole band is also nominated for Best New Act.
  11. Bloody Knives, “Cystic”
    I thought I’d play you a nice, relaxing song by Bloody Knives.  Then I realized they don’t do nice and relaxing.  They do awesome and unsettling.  It’s that skill that makes I Will Cut Your Heart Out for This an intense yet exhilarating ride.  That same skill helped earn the band a Ghosty Award nomination for Best Texas Album (which is Ghosty Award reminder 4, for those keeping score at home).
  12. Natural Anthem, “Paranoid”
    How has The Ghost remained oblivious for so long regarding the band Natural Anthem?  I just listened to them yesterday, and they’re good.  Really good.  I can’t speak for their live show yet, but I plan to change that this Saturday.  The band will be playing as part of Matt Tedder’s EP release show at Three Links (you can read more about Mr. Tedder here).  Keite Young will open the show, and if case you aren’t familiar with them, just know the guy can blow.
  13. Mur, “Too Close to the Sun”
    Still loving Fire Escapes in a big way.  And Max Hartman is still up for Best Keyboardist in The Ghosty Awards.  That’s your fifth and final Ghosty Award reminder… for now.
  14. Ruby and the Reckless, “Rich Like Me”
    I’m sure many of you are familiar with Austin native Ruby Jane.  The young lady now has her own backup band, and a brand new album.  In My Head is a strong effort with plenty of good songs, including the album’s opener, “Rich Like Me”.
  15. Castro, “Diamond Dreams”
    Jason Castro managed to score fourth place in Season 7 of American Idol, making him arguably the most famous musician to ever emerge from Rockwall, Texas.  Jason joins brother Michael and sister Jackie in the band Castro.  Some might be tempted to dismiss the band because of the connection with the TV show.  But really, I dare you to dismiss this track.  It’s so darn catchy that even the greatest American Idol haters will have to reluctantly give the track the thumbs up.
  16. I Happy Am, “The Invisible Man”
    Last week, I talked about how Mur made a mistake releasing Fire Escapes right before the end of the Ghosty Award nominating process, leaving The Ghost little time to digest the greatness of that album.  I’m starting to think I should’ve given the same advice to I Happy Am.  Their album The Prophet, The Giant, and the Invisible Man is growing on me with each listen.  I’d encourage you to give it time to grow on you as well.
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