Ten for Your Attention This Tuesday: 10/11/16

Photo of Jaime Saso by: Rhombi Survivor

Welcome to another Ten for Your Attention this Tuesday. Most of the artists in segment have released a new song or two that’s worthy of your attention. Posival is going to the extreme, as this Saturday will mark the act’s Triple CD release party at The Door. That’s right; forget about single or even double CD’s. The band is releasing three albums: No Definition, Make Moves, and Lajos Kossuth.  The track below, “Auslan”, is from the third album, is a pleasant enjoyable tune with some definite pop hooks.  It’ll be interesting to see how this track compares to the rest of the tracks.  All those many tracks…

Saso (shown above) won’t release his full length debut (The Levee) until early next year, but The Ghost is getting to debut the album’s first single. “Stephanie” possesses a smoothness that is bound to remind the listener of 1970’s singer songwriter material. Saso’s voice is powerful throughout the song, but it’s when he hits the falsetto during the chorus that his vocal talents are on full display. “Stephanie” is pop enough to be able to appeal to a broad audience, but smart enough that it will never alienate the singer-songwriter purists. This could put Saso in a really sweet spot in terms of local music.

When The Blondettes began, I viewed them as the female equivalent of The King Bucks.  The band’s style has evolved since then, leaning slightly in favor of classic soul over classic country.  The more soulful sound can be heard on the group’s latest efforts, “Block of Love” and “The Way That You Do”.  Both tracks are good, both there’s something undeniably catchy about the intro to “Block of Love” that just feels so good and fun.

I’m still anxiously awaiting the debut album from ILA Minori.  She was kind enough to share “Mend” on my Return of the Lucky Thirteen compilation (which you can buy here).  I don’t have any new originals from her yet, so this lovely Mazzy Star cover below will have to do for now.

Many rappers nowadays focus primarily on the beats with little to no care about the art of storytelling.  Fortunately, Alexander Tha Great is more of the old-school camp where words and flow matter.  “StoryTime” is the rapper’s recollection of youth, honest and emotional while never edging into the territory of sappiness.  Remember his name; there’s a good chance you’ll be hearing more buzz about him.

There are few stronger acoustic guitarists in the area than Daniel Katsük.  The new KatsüK album, Labyrinth, combines his traditional acoustic style with a more straight ahead classic rock vibe.  If you listen to “Ecstasy”, you’ll hear both elements through the song.  Debate amongst yourselves as to which side of KatsüK you like best.

Needing some baroque indie pop to brighten your day?  The Rainy Afternoons may be what you’re needing.  You can download their album Not All Dances Have Names for free on Bandcamp. but I’d encourage you to pass some spare change their way if you can afford it.  Below is my favorite track, “Villain in the Comics”.

San Antonio musician Aurora Skye has released an album of instrumentals called Clayview.  Think of it as the score to a disturbing psychological drama that’s yet to make it to theaters.  Here’s the gorgeously depressing song “Alienated”.

In case you’re needing more local singer-songwriter music than the Saso debut, check out Shayne Green.  All three tracks from the North EP are solid, but there’s something particularly sweet and beautiful about the album’s title track that makes it my favorite of his.

Finally, I leave you with The Reverent Few, a band that recently relocated from Chicago to Austin.  They shared their CD with me when I met them at Liquid Lounge.  The first three tracks are quite solid, ranging from good to really good.  But it’s the CD’s closer, “I’ll Bring the Wine (Why Can’t You Love Me)” that pulls out all the stops.  Paige DeCheusse’s voices is a bluesy soulful marriage between sexiness and heartbreak.   When she reaches her vocal peak, you’ll feel it in your bones and in your heart.  If you like sultry blues rock, this is a must listen.  Crank this one up loud, and lose yourself in this track.

And that’s the last of the ten songs… for now.  If you’d like to bring a song to The Ghost’s attention, don’t hesitate to Talk to the Ghost and make a recommendation.  I’m always happy to lend an ear.  Especially if that ear gets to hear some good tunes.

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