Ten for Your Attention this Tuesday: 12/20/16

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Photo of Sonar Lights by: Ed Steele

Wow, the first Ten for Your Attention in who remembers how long?  I hope that right there has your attention.  The Ghost has been bad about sharing, and I’m a bit behind on my sharing duties.  Some of these may not be new release to you, at least if you’ve been paying attention without the assistance of The Ghost.  Either way, read the list, and if you’re already familiar with the song, pretend like it’s brand new to you.  It will be good practice for when you have to act surprise when you receive Aunt Sally’s fruitcake… again.

You might have heard that Becky Middleton has released a new track called “I’m Still Here”. By the way, this is the part where you’re supposed to put on your surprise face. If your Facebook feed is like mine, you can’t escape that fact. Not that you’d want to escape that fact, mind you? “I’m Still Here” finds Ms. Middleton veering in a much more soulful direction than her debut EP, No Trouble. That’s a good thing, as her powerful voice fits that style perfectly. With songs like this, listeners will not be able to forget that she’s still here and making good music.

While Becky Middleton has had a long gap between releases, John Dufilho seems incapable of not continuously releasing music.  Obviously, new albums from Cantina and Cliffs were not enough.  Now Dufilho pairs up with Brandon Carr (ex-Earlies) to form Corner Suns, a psychedelic project that focuses more on melodic pop than heavy fuzzed out distortion. The band’s first full length will be available on Idol Records early next year. This is the first single from the album, “The Speed of Sound”. And don’t worry, the song has no relation to the similarly titled Coldplay song.

Ever since his days in Velvet Guard, The Ghost has always taken an interest in the music of David Joshua (formerly known as David Trust). His new EP, Plan A, has a much less brooding feel than his previous solo album, Art of Insanity. Check out “Heart and Soul” to get a taste of the lighter, brighter sounding David Joshua.

For those who are as big of local music geeks as yours truly, you’ll notice that many booking agents have certain artists they like to call on repeatedly. King Camel, for example, loves booking Moon Waves at any appropriate opportunity. With Wharbaby Entertainment, Hen and the Cocks is a name that seems to pop up repeatedly. I will give Wharbaby credit, as HATC bring plenty of fun with their garage rock sound. The band’s strongest track, “Spin”, features a disco style rhythm that gives their garage rock style an extra boost of fun.

Perhaps I’m wrong here, but I feel as if Herrick & Hooley don’t get the attention in the hip-hop world that they deserve.  Of course, perhaps the issue is that their sound defies most of the norms in the hip-hop universe.  Their style is super laid back, melodic, and often somewhat bittersweet.  H&H are back with a new track, “Make It Happen”, another lovely, chill number from the group.  So show the duo some love; let’s “make it happen.”

Last year, I somehow stumbled upon Houston native Kalli Therinae and a song of hers called “Bipolarity”. The song is a gorgeously powerful track, with equally powerful vocals courtesy of Ms. Therinae. Her latest song, “Falling Into Space”, finds the artist singing another powerful and highly emotional track. Fans of artists like Christina Perri will most definitely want to take notice of this up and coming young talent.

Most of the songs from Denton band The Monkberries lean heavily towards the janglier side of 1960’s pop. It’s a tad of a surprise, then, that on “Christmas Waltz” the band opts more for a twee indie sound. Nevertheless, it’s a truly sweet and pretty Christmas tune.

So tell me, what is it about Tom Petty’s “American Girl” lately?  This is the second cover of it I’ve heard in the past few months.  First Clay Pendergrass (aka dj ewi) graced us with his electronic version, and now Austin’s Moving Panoramas has decided to put their own spin on it.  Lead vocalist Leslie Sisson’s vocals are certainly prettier than Petty’s, and the band gives it a very enjoyable, laid back indie rock vibe.

Sam Small is a singer-songwriter from the Austin area whose intimate songs I’ve taken a definite liking to.  He recently released “Yellow”, a track he recorded back in the 1980’s.  And yes, the sound of the recording gives the decade away.  The track is awash in synths, but for a new wave loving guy like myself, that’s actually a plus.  Sam Small will likely be releasing more such tracks on an album called I Fell Down a Hole, but for now, enjoy this preview.

There are certain phrases that need to be used carefully, like “heavy rock”. Far too often, it conjures painful images of bands like Nickelback and Staind. While there is a definite “heaviness” to Sonar Lights (shown above), the band’s sound is diametrically opposed to that… “music”, if you will. There are certainly hints of 90’s alt-rock in the band, such as Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots. More important to note, however, is that the harmonies and melodies of all band members sync together to form a truly intriguing rock sound that is heavy, without being standard “heavy rock” fare. You can listen to the debut of their song, “Wake Up”, below.

And, for those keeping score at home, that was song #10.  Hopefully it won’t take The Ghost several months to post the next edition of Ten for Your Attention This Tuesday.  In the meantime, if you wanna send The Ghost some cool new tunes, you should Talk to The Ghost.  He’s listening, I promise.

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