(Half of a) Ten for Your Attention This Thursday: 4/27/17

From Parts Unknown
Photo by Mike Brooks

Did it shock you that The Ghost is running late on this week’s Ten for Your Attention?  Would it shock you even more if I only had half the necessary tracks for the segment?  If it surprises you, then welcome to the blog, newcomer.

For the rest well acquainted with my unique sense of timeline, then you’re over it already and just want to discover some cool new tracks.  Let’s start with a brand new track courtesy of From Parts Unknown (shown above) called “Rad Pitt.”  FPU is a full force display of rock power, with plenty of hints of punk and metal thrown in.  There’s even a vague hint of country thrown in the rhythm; perhaps that’s in part because of the standup bass courtesy of Chris Parrish.  You’ll almost certainly hear FPU perform the song tonight at Three Links, as the band will celebrate a dual EP show along with Drawer Devils.

If “Rad Pitt” was too rocking and intense for you, perhaps Austin singer-songwriter Christina Cavazos is what you need to soothe your soul.  Ms. Cavazos’ voice reminds me of Karen Peris (The Innocence Mission) not just in vocal stylings, but in the sweet, comforting tone in her delivery.  While her album Cold is filled with lovely songs, there’s something about “Stay” that is extra beautiful and makes me yearn to listen again and again.

Up next is a new track from Francine Thirteen, “Lust Heals, Give Me My Sin Again.”  The instrumentation is minimal on this track, allowing Francine’s voice to take center stage (always a wise decision).  This track even allows the singer to reach into her upper register, and the results are powerful.

Can’t deicde whether you’d like to listen to 90’s  alternative rock or 90’s shoegaze?  I’d argue that the title track from Jay Satellite‘s Who We Are splits the difference quite nicely.  And if you’re reading this, Jeffrey Brown, I think this Austin band would fit nicely in on a King Camel lineup.  Just saying…

Finally, I leave you with “Ready or Not” by Guapeaux.  There aren’t many songs that leave The Ghost at a loss for words.  But this?  Well… just listen.  I still don’t know what to say, but damn, I keep playing it over and over.

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