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Photo courtesy of: Kevin Buchanan

Tell me, do you love pop music?  I’m not talking about Chainsmokers type Top 40 stuff.  I’m talking about Beatles, Monkees, Ben Folds Five, Matthew Sweet, or any earworm of a song with a melody so bouncy that it puts a big old smile on the face.  If great pop music is something that excites you, I have two great local releases for you to check out.  And both tracks have one thing in common: Stephanie Buchanan.

The first track I’ll be sharing is from the project she’s best known for, The Crystal Furs.  The band is now a three piece, but the pop melodies that they’re best known for are still in tact.  The Crystal Furs will be releasing an album this year, and “In the Mirror” is the first taste of what the album has to offer.  In spite of the band’s changes in lineup, the core of the songwriting skills has not been affected in the least.  “In the Mirror” is every bit and smart and catchy as anything from The Crystal Furs’ debut album.

Not only is Stephanie Buchanan continuing her work with the aforementioned Furs, but she has a new project for your ears.  The band is called Tilly and the Flowers, and the sound is a more jazzy version of indie pop.  You may have caught this song on my last episode of Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio, and if not, you missed out in a big way.  This particular track has been on repeat on my iTunes for the past week or so, and it is first rate ear candy.  Even if you missed out on my radio show, The Ghost is taking pity on you and sharing the track with you here.

Let these songs stay in your head for awhile. Whatever kind of a day you’re having, these two tracks should make you feel a little bit happier.

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