Monday Mixteen: 8/13/18

Monday Mixteen Template 20180813

The Ghost debated on several different playlist themes for the week, but never had the time to fully develop one of those themes into a sixteen song playlist. Between my eleven year anniversary celebrations and my return to my day job in education, it’s been a busy time. Still, I don’t want the Monday Mixteen to suffer because of it. Heck, it’s the only consistent feature on GOBL at the moment.

I decided on a simple theme, assuming you can call this a theme. I looked over the tracks I’ve recently listened to on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and YouTube, and chose sixteen tracks I’ve listened to quite recently. Well, sixteen good local tracks that I’ve listened to recently. There will be no fancy commentary here in this post. If you feel the need to wax poetic about these tracks, however, feel free to Talk to the Ghost about your musical thoughts. It gets lonely being a Ghost, so I welcome the company, even if it’s only via email.

  1. Henry the Archer, “Wifi-Pets”
  2. Claire Hinkle, “Take the Money”
  3. Falgoo, “Safe Passage”
  4. Bobby Sessions, “Like Me”
  5. M’Lynn, “Lost Generation”
  6. War Party, “No Exit”
  7. Mean Motor Scooter, “Put Me Down Like a Dog”
  8. Ask for Joy, “Rebirth”
  9. Rapidz, “Hello (Hi)”
  10. Xuan, “We Were Just Talking”
  11. Signals and Alibis, “Sick Sea”
  12. Carry Illinois, “Pushing Sound”
  13. LEV, “XYZ”
  14. Riders Against the Storm, “Same (Once in a Lifetime Remix)”
  15. Empty Angels, “Triptych”
  16. Ansley, “How to Be Alone”
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